Limited-Edition Tiramisu Oreos Have Arrived, and Damn, That's One Classy Cookie

Oreo's newest flavor might be one of its classiest yet. The brand announced the forthcoming arrival of tiramisu-flavored cookies late last year, and the limited-edition snack has finally started to appear in stores and online.

For those who aren't big into the Italian dessert, it essentially consists of fluffy layers of whipped cream or mascarpone and ladyfingers soaked in coffee. What's funny is that coffee-flavored Oreos already exist, but now there are Oreos that taste like a coffee-flavored dessert. It's like Inception!

Anyways, check out photos of the new cookies and packaging ahead, then feel free to treat yourself to Dwyane Wade's deep-fried, red velvet Oreo recipe for whenever the sugar cravings hit especially hard.