The Spaghetti Doughnut Has Arrived to Make All Your Carb Goals a Reality

Spaghetti doughnuts might have only existed in your imagination until now. The buzz-worthy food hybrid was created by Pop Pasta, a New York-based company that discovered an ingenious way to combine two of the most loved foods from both Italian and American culture. On its website, Pop Pasta notes that its signature spaghetti doughnut "combines a popular Neapolitan dish, the spaghetti pie (frittata di spaghetti) with an American food icon, the [doughnut]." Pop Pasta is serving up its spaghetti doughnuts at Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn food market where some of the trendiest food launches are sold each year, like the raindrop cake and ramen burger from years past.

Rest assured, there's no sweet pastry to be found anywhere near this doughnut. Instead, it's simply a doughnut-shaped serving of spaghetti, and it's pure savory, cheesy goodness. If you're wondering how it stays together without falling apart, traditional spaghetti pie is typically made with a binder of eggs. The Pop Pasta menu has spaghetti doughnuts in a variety of classic Italian flavors, like aglio e olio, red sauce, carbonara, bolognese, and zucchini and garlic.

Essentially, the spaghetti doughnut is portable pasta that can be eaten on the go, which is completely brilliant. This year's Smorgasburg kicked off the first weekend in April, and carb-lovers are already showing off their spaghetti doughnuts and giving everyone else a case of FOMO. Ahead, see some of the most drool-worthy photos of the spaghetti doughnut in all its saucy glory.

As you can see, the doughnut is packed with plenty of spaghetti noodles throughout.

A dozen of spaghetti doughnuts is perfect for anyone who prefers savory over sweet.

They're the perfect size so you can try more than one flavor.

The carbonara doughnut has eggs, bacon, parmesan cheese, black pepper, and salt.

The red sauce doughnut clearly makes for a great Instagram.

It's hard to choose just one!

If you find yourself at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, don't forget to try one out for yourself.