These Are All of the Disney-Exclusive Starbucks Cups Out There — So Far

We love Starbucks on any given day, but throw some Disney into the mix and we become downright maniacal about the coffee brand. We (and the rest of the Disney fandom) have been following closely as park-exclusive tumblers and mugs make their way into Instagram snaps from Disney influencers, resulting in a frenzy to snatch up adorable drink paraphernalia designed specifically for Disney fanatics. Between Disneyland and Walt Disney World, there have been so many new cups inspired by specific theme parks that it's almost hard to keep track . . . which is why we've rounded them all up!

There are six Disney locations so far that have inspired mugs and tumblers in 2017, which you can find at the respective parks' Starbucks stores (and sometimes gift shops): Disneyland, California Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. The mug versions are perfect for bringing the happiest place on earth into your kitchen, and the tumblers are great for drinking a cup of joe on the go — even while visiting the park! Check out each one, then prepare to sprint straight to Starbucks during your next Disney trip; you're definitely going to want all 12.

Animal Kingdom Tumbler

Magic Kingdom Tumbler

Disneyland Tumbler

California Adventure Tumbler

Hollywood Studios Tumbler

Epcot Tumbler

California Adventure Mug

Animal Kingdom Mug

Hollywood Studios Mug

Magic Kingdom Mug

Epcot Mug