Starbucks's "Lavender Haze" Drink Is the New Secret-Menu Item For Swifties

There's never a shortage of beverages when it comes to Starbucks's secret menu, and the latest creation picking up steam is for the Swifties. Inspired by one of Taylor Swift's latest music videos and its gorgeous purple visuals, the "lavender haze" drink is both aesthetically pleasing and sounds delicious.

While you may think the unique color calls for a complicated request, it's actually easy to order on the Starbucks mobile app or in person. If you're purchasing a venti size, simply ask for an iced passion tea with soy milk, with the addition of six pumps of vanilla syrup. For regular menu items, baristas typically add three pumps of syrup in a tall and four in a grande, so order accordingly. Some users have also topped the concoction with Starbucks's berry or strawberry inclusions for extra flavor and texture.

It's unclear who initially created the secret-menu item, though TikTok user alexiaencinas13 recently shared a video of herself ordering the Swiftie-inspired drink with her best friend, sipping them as they watched the "Midnights"-era video featuring trans model Laith Ashley. The "lavender haze" tea isn't officially endorsed by Starbucks, unlike the special "Taylor's Latte" collaboration the singer and coffee company announced back in November 2022. If you're in the mood for a more classic coffee, you can get a grande caramel nonfat latte, aka Swift's go-to order, instead.

Watch the videos ahead for a closer look at the "lavender haze" drink, and try it for yourself on your next Starbucks run.