The Popular Trader Joe’s Product You Should Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Created by the cosmos, every zodiac sign has a popular Trader Joe's product that aligns with each horoscope's personality and characteristics. The affordable grocer is full of trending items that have both been fan favorite's for years now or are new hits right when they drop, meaning these 12 products are just as individual as each zodiac sign itself. From breakfast and dinner favorites to beauty and home finds, these Trader Joe's items align with every sign based on each one's habits, moods, and key personality traits.

Whether you're creative like a Gemini or loyal like a Cancer, there's a popular (and affordable!) TJ's product that matches your astrological sign. From customers' favorite desserts to secret beauty items you might not have known existed, you'll want to know just which product was made for you. No matter what your rising, moon, and sun signs are, these TJ's finds will resonate with you on a whole new level. Keep reading to see which popular Trader Joe's matches your zodiac sign, ahead.

Aries: Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee and Boba

If you're an Aries, you already know why the Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee and Boba resonates with you. You're the first sign in the zodiac, meaning you're fiery, energetic, passionate, courageous, and free-spirited — just like this popular new item. The non-dairy frozen dessert is filled with rich bits of boba, fueling your fire for all things new, exciting, and intriguing. Be sure to snag this on your way past the freezer aisle, whether you're an Aries or not.

Taurus: Trader Joe's Almond Butter Chia Overnight Oats

This sign is known for being grounded, determined, responsible, and practical, meaning these mouthwatering almond butter chia overnight oats are a perfect match. They're a hearty breakfast option and packed with protein, making this easy meal idea one of the most reliable — just like this sign in the zodiac. Eat it with fruit, nuts, and even whipped cream if you want to try something new.

Gemini: Trader Joe's Kung Pao Chicken Mochi Balls

Geminis are fueled by curiosity, socializing, intellectualizing, and flitting from one thing to the next. That's why these fiery kung pao balls are spot-on for this air sign. Since Geminis can be outgoing and playful while also being serious and restless, this delicious frozen find strikes the ideal balance between fun and traditional. Kung pao chicken is a drool-worthy protein, while the mochi ball shape makes these perfect for anyone who's experimental. Dig in!

Cancer: Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Empathetic and highly imaginative, Cancers know the importance of something that's tried and true. This creative spin on the classic bagel flavoring is seriously delicious, and it's a great way to tap into creativity when it comes to cooking. Put this seasoning on eggs, meat, veggies, and more, and enjoy the classic taste you know and love.

Leo: Trader Joe's Fruit Frenzy Bars

The vibrant Leo loves the spotlight and grandiosity, and can unite all of those around them with their humor and magnetic personalities. These Fruit Frenzy Bars are tangy and bright, and they're sure to be the most wanted item in the freezer. Complete with raspberry, lemon, and strawberry layers, Leos are sure to relate to this popular dessert on a whole new level.

Virgo: Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoned Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

Virgos are known to be cautious and analytical, which is why these seasoned potato chips couldn't match their personalities better. Since everyone knows the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning is good, there's no need to be scared of trying these delicious chips. Dunk them into dips, put them in sandwiches, or enjoy them on their own. Hungry yet, Virgos?

Libra: Trader Joe's Pancake Bread

Libras are all about diplomacy, fairness, and cooperation. They'll often do everything possible to maintain peace and harmony, which is why this pancake bread is a surefire hit for this sign. This buttery loaf balances the taste of pancakes with the shape of bread to make this snack a delicious delight any time of the day.

Sagittarius: Trader Joe's Watermelon Overnight Face Mask

Spontaneous and fun, what Sagittarius wouldn't be drawn to this watermelon face mask? The fire sign is always up for an adventure, and this product is just that. It delivers deep hydration and nourishes skin from the inside out. The adventurous Sagittarius can try this out the next time they want to add a new product to their makeup drawer.

Scorpio: Trader Joe's Neapolitan Joe-Joe’s

Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows that they're passionate, resourceful, brave, and extremely loyal friends. That's why the iconic Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's are a must have for this sign. These cookies have made customers loyal to the brand because of their great taste and fun flavors such as this Neapolitan creation. Eat them with ice cream or on their own, depending on the sugar high you want to get.

Capricorn: Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese Bites

Ever-serious, Capricorns stay true to their earth-sign roots. Responsibility and discipline are strong traits for the persistent, hard-working, and organized Capricorn, leading them to success in their pursuits. That's why a timeless and tried-and-true classic like mac and cheese is the must-have TJ's item for a Cap. Complete with a little spin (because, Caps, you need a little spice in your life), this recipe features a fried twist that's mouthwateringly good. Eat them for an appetizer or enjoy them for the main meal.

Aquarius: Trader Joe's Charles Shaw

It's written in the stars that people who fall under the Aquarius sign are a passionate, quirky, sometimes quiet and shy, and can be sometimes outspoken or temperamental. Since so many people are passionate about Trader Joe's low prices, this so-called "two-buck Chuck" is just what Aquarians should try. It pairs well with homemade dinners, lazy nights in, and everything in between.

Pisces: Trader Joe's Shampoo Bar

This water sign is one of the most tolerant of the zodiac, making this superhandy Trader Joe's Shampoo Bar just what a Pisces needs. A Pisces can be selfless to the point of martyrdom, and they have unconditional love for those closest to them. As anyone who cares about their hair knows the importance of finding a good shampoo, this item perfectly encapsulates what Pisces are all about. With enough washes to go around, this shampoo bar makes the perfect gift for a Pisces to give to those who are looking for the next best product in hair care.