Smart Wegmans Shoppers Take Advantage of These Grocery Hacks

To many, Wegmans grocery store is a way of life (see Alec Baldwin) and is a staple among East Coast shoppers. Whole Foods has nothing on this one-stop shop that has managed to gather a cult-like following and fan club — it even beat out Trader Joe's in the vote for America's favorite grocery store. That's why I am sharing these savvy shopping tips and tricks to make your Wegmans experience better (if that's even possible).

Come Here For All of Your Vegan Needs

Wegmans boasts an extensive selection of vegan products all at a reasonable price point.

Stop By For Fun Events

Wegmans is involved in the community and always tries to find ways to connect with its customers beyond just grocery shopping. That's why the company hosts unique events and tastings that make your shopping trip even more enjoyable.

Stock Up on Affordable Organic Produce

Wegmans offers a variety of organic produce at extremely reasonable prices. Forget paying top dollar at one of the store's competitors in the pursuit of a healthy grocery haul.

Treat Yourself to Bakery-Worthy Desserts

Some of us have no issue dropping all kinds of dough when it comes to a meal's main event: dessert. But at Wegmans, forget spending crazy amounts of money to enjoy an endless number of macarons or other typically pricey pastries. These packages cost under $5 and couldn't be cuter! Your friends will be convinced they came from Ladurée itself.

Never Buy Cheese Anywhere Else Again

Wegmans has its own Cheese Cave. Yes, it's a thing, and apparently it's what all the famous cheese shops in Europe do to get that award-winning cheese. The cheese undergoes the ripening process called affinage, making Wegmans cheese truly artisanal.

Choose From a Variety of Incredibly Fresh Seafood

I'm not even joking on the level of freshness when it comes to Wegmans's seafood options. The grocery chain partners with small local fishermen from Alaska who have the fish shipped within 24 hours of being caught.

Fulfill All Your Wine Needs

Not only does Wegmans have an insane selection of wine, but the price also varies immensely. If you're in the market to impress someone with a nice bottle of wine or want something for under $5, Wegmans has you covered.

Utilize the Return Policy

According to Wegmans's return policy, if you purchase something you'd rather return (even after trying it), you can bring it back for either a refund or replacement.