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Wegmans Grocery Store Locations

This Is the Grocery Store That Americans Love More Than Trader Joe's

America has a new favorite grocery store that beat out Trader Joe's, and it's expanding to even more locations. According to Business Insider, Wegmans scored the highest in customer satisfaction in an annual survey by Market Force Information. That means Wegmans beat out both Publix and Trader Joe's, which came in second and third, respectively. "This is the first time in four years that Trader Joe's did not rank first," according to the survey results. Wegmans is based in upstate New York and has 90 total locations, all on the East Coast and mostly in New York and New Jersey. The next lucky state on the list is North Carolina, where there will reportedly be "multiple sites in the Raleigh-Durham area."

Although much of the country has never visited a Wegmans because of its limited locations, the shoppers who do get to go have created a loyal following that contributed to it snagging the No. 1 spot. One of the reasons people claim Wegmans is the best grocery store is the value: you get a whole lot for what you pay for. The store-brand staples like olive oil and pasta imported from Italy can't be beat, and the bakery's pastries and cakes are birthday-party worthy. Another reason to shop there is the sheer size: you could easily get lost for hours, and you wouldn't even mind. Here's to hoping that the level of customer satisfaction contributes to even more expansion across the US so that everyone can get a taste of the Wegmans experience.

Image Source: Flickr user _Bubby_
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