Heart-Shaped Succulents Do Exist, and We're in Love

As maybe the sweetest, most sentimental of all the succulents, the hoya kerrii has won our hearts! Hailing from Southeast Asia, this heart-shaped succulent has a bloom so intricate and extravagant that it belongs on a wedding a cake. Also, we love that hoya kerii is a low-maintenance plant. The valentine hoya, as it's also known, likes warm humid conditions and doesn't like to be watered all that much, but appreciates at least a half a day of sun. Keep scrolling to learn more about this cutie and to see images of its fabulous bloom.

It's typically sold potted, one heart at a time.

Like this.

It can be variegated.

Or come with a racing stripe down the middle.

It's a climber.

Look at it go!

It's similar to air plant, liking humid air more than an intense watering.

The blooms are as hardy and long-lasting.

And they look like they're made of fondant icing.

Awww . . . heart and bloom together.