20 Modern Bedroom Ideas That Are Dreamy Yet Doable

The modern, clean, airy bedrooms you see on Instagram are easier to recreate than you think, so if your room is in need of a makeover, now is the time. Even simple changes like statement walls and new ceiling lights can completely transform a room, and little details really add to the effect. We're currently crushing on dry flowers, linen sheets, and sheer curtains for light and airy vibes. Oh, and when in doubt, you can add more pillows!

If you've recently binge-watched Queer Eye, it probably didn't take long before you were trawling Instagram looking for inspiration that you can make your own. Do as Bobby does and focus on clean lines, smartly chosen colors, and a mix of textures. Keep reading for all the inspiration you need to give your bedroom that modern makeover.


Decorate With Dried Flowers

Add a bunch of dried flowers to your bedside table for an on-trend yet affordable touch.


Try Retro Macramé

Make use of the space above your bed with a mirror, mural, or macramé wall hanging.


Pick a Statement Ceiling Light

Elevate any bedroom in your house with a high-impact ceiling light.


Add a Pop of Color

Brighten up your bedroom with a pop of color in the form of pillows or rugs.


Add Focus With a Statement Wall

Transform your room with an accent wall, then update your decor accordingly. Don't be afraid of bold colors.


Opt For Minimalism

Embrace your inner minimalist and work with black and white for a look that will stand the test of time.


Choose Textured Rugs

To achieve a look that's contemporary yet cozy, add a textured rug.


Try a Seasonal Color Palette

Updating your color palette each season with the help of throws and area rugs will keep your room feeling fresh.


Don't Be Afraid of All-White Interiors

Simplify your look and aim for clean yet crisp with all-white everything.


Invest in Wall Art

Personalize your room with wall art. Whether you want to hang photos from last Summer or a illustration print you picked up on Etsy, always opt a monochrome frame.


Experiment With Cool Tones

Add a touch of luxury with cool tones such as blue, gray, or green.


Treat Yourself to Linen Sheets

Playing with bedding is the simplest way to get a new season look. Linen sheets are stylish and comfortable.


Make a Statement With Black Walls

Black walls are anything but boring. Though many believe the color to be risky when it comes to interiors, we think it creates just the right amount of intimacy when teamed with lighter tones.


Make the Most of Structural Elements

Work with original structural elements instead of trying to hide them. Interior wood paneling is just one example of when building elements can own the room.


Pile Up Those Pillows

When in doubt, add more pillows.



If you're working with a small or awkward space, make time to declutter and focus only on the necessities.


Use What You Have

Displaying clothes and accessories, such as dresses, hats, or jewelry, is an easy way to decorate your walls and save on closet space.


Mix Your Neutrals

Neutrals never go out of style. Play with texture if you want to add warmth.


Get Some Indoor Plants

Plants in the bedroom (or any room) are always a good idea. Choose a spot with plenty of natural sunlight and don't forget to water them weekly.


Let the Light in With Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a great way to make small windows seem bigger. Invest in white for light, airy vibes.