These Starburst and Skittles Candles Will Infuse Your Home With Pure Sweetness

Growing up is hard, and it's even more difficult during the Fall. Being surrounded by children starting a new school year and planning Halloween costumes can make you feel frickin' elderly, and don't get me started on trick-or-treating. I can't think of an equally satisfying adult experience that compares to opening a two-pack of Starburst and hitting the jackpot with two pink candies. But adulthood as we know it is about to change, and it smells fabulous.

Skittles- and Starburst-scented candles are here to save the day. Let the sweet, cavity-filled memories of your childhood permeate your home, and everyone will thank you. The candles have been spotted in small and large sizes, with the small size selling for just $1 at some Dollar Tree locations. However, the biggest selection of the candles is on Amazon, which has both Skittles and Starburst candles for sale.

Because in addition to Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes, nothing says Fall like a crisp selection of seasonal candles, and these candy-scented aromas are just what we need. Read on to see some photos of the Skittles- and Starburst-scented candles, and let the beautiful candy smell sweeten up your home.