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Bath & Body Works Fall Candles 2017

This Is Not a Drill: Bath & Body Works Just Dropped All of Its Fall Candle Scents!

Bath & Body Works Fall Candles 2017

Summer . . . what's Summer? When it comes to seasons, there's only one time of year we care about: Fall! Autumn brings with it the best of any season: crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, arguably the two best holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving), beautiful changing leaves, the cutest clothes, and the excuse to stay inside all day burning candles. Every Fall, we look forward to replenishing our cozy candle collections, storing up for the months of chilly weather and dinner parties to come. Luckily for everybody, Bath & Body Works wasted no time in helping us do just that.

The retailer just dropped all of its ridiculously comforting Autumn candle scents both in stores and online, so naturally the internet lost its collective mind. We can't blame people for freaking out β€” we look forward to this every year!

With every three-wick candle priced under $25 and tons of regular discounts for Bath & Body Works shoppers, we won't even bother pretending that we're going to exercise self-control in this situation. How many candles per room is too many? Asking for a friend.

Check out each of the Fall scents ahead. You'll spot some old favorites, along with some brand-new scents for the season. If only we could smell through our screens!

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