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Sofia Vergara and Her Son Manolo in the '90s | Picture

Sofia Vergara Is the Ultimate '90s Mom in This Throwback Photo

Sofia Vergara's son, Manolo, is a throwback master. The 23-year-old basically has a stash of never-before-seen photographic gems with his famous mom — and he isn't afraid to use them to make every #TBT worth it. Take, for instance, his recent post, above.

"#TB to the best haircuts ever. #TBT #PeroLikeWhy," Manolo hilariously captioned the snap from (what looks to be) a Barney-themed birthday party, featuring adorable baby Manolo and two super-retro hairstyles. But even with '90s hair, Sofia still managed to be the hottest of moms rocking a pouty soft red lip and silver hoop earrings. We only have one question: how is she aging backwards? Teach us your ways, Sofia!

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