25 Spanish-Language Movies to Add to Your Netflix Queue, Stat

It used to be hard to find non-English films. The rest of the world's cinema was shoved into one "foreign" category, taking up a 10th of the space of the "domestic, English-dominate" variety. Obviously, we still see that at award shows like the Oscars, but even there, things are finally changing. The reason behind that change has a lot to do with how we consume films. COVID aside, we're all streaming more of our movies, and online there's no reason why we can't have access to all films, regardless of language.

That's certainly what Netflix has done, and it's been paying big dividends as non-English productions break through in the global marketplace. It's also great for everyone — it means more titles for movie-lovers and more opportunities for global filmmakers. Your algorithm may not be showing you as many Spanish titles as you'd like, so we've rounded up 25 choices to get you started. Thankfully, there are a lot to pick from.

Spanish-language movies run the full gamut from serious award-fodder films to light romantic comedies to action-packed thrillers. And the perspectives are diverse, too. We've got films from Spaniards and Latin Americans; from white, Black, and Indigenous folks; from gay and straight perspectives; from people of all genders. And that makes sense because Spanish speakers are so diverse. There's a variety of aesthetics, interests, and preferences.

On our list, you'll see Oscar winners like 2019's "Roma," which made Yalitza Aparicio a star for her turn as the old-soul domestic worker Cleo. Or watch the recent YA romance "Through My Window," which follows two teenage neighbors who fall in love after connecting over a shared WiFi connection. Just make sure to watch them sooner rather than later, as titles have a way of falling off the streaming platform if you wait too long.

Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Alessandra Foresto, Celia Fernandez, and Macy Daniela Martin

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"Through My Window" (2022)

Raquel is obsessed with Ares, her attractive and mysterious neighbor, even though they haven't exchanged a single word. But Raquel's not innocent or helpless, so when Ares does finally notice her, things heat up in this passionate teen drama.

Watch "Through My Window" now.

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"Adú" (2022)

Near a Spanish town in Northern Africa, a child takes a painful journey, a father reconnects with his daughter, and a coast guard is guilt-stricken.

Watch "Adú" now.

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"Sounds Like Love" (2021)

Fashion assistant Maca has just gotten her life together after a devastating breakup when Leo, the man who broke her heart, returns. Seeking support from best friends Adriana and Jime, all three learn love can be complicated.

Watch "Sounds Like Love" now.

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"Prayers For the Stolen" (2021)

In a drug-torn mountain town in Mexico, three young girls take over the houses of those who have fled, dress up as the women they're forbidden to be, and hide from the violence surrounding them.

Watch "Prayers For the Stolen" now.

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"The Last Forest" (2021)

Mixing dramatization and documentary, this film depicts the Indigenous Yanomami tribe's way of life — and their struggle to preserve it.

Watch "The Last Forest" now.

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"Coven of Sisters" (2021)

Basque Country, 1609. To postpone their execution, a group of women accused of witchcraft lure their inquisitor into witnessing the witches' Sabbath.

Watch "Coven of Sisters" now.

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"You've Got This" (2020)

Dying to be a dad, Alex can't tell his wife about the unexpected guest in the other room — and risk losing her forever.

Watch "You've Got This" now.

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"Nobody Knows I'm Here" (2020)

A former childhood singer traumatized by his experiences becomes a recluse, nurturing his heart until a woman comes into his life and really hears him.

Watch "Nobody Knows I'm Here" now.

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"Ready to Mingle" (2019)

After the man she thought she'd marry breaks up with her, Ana joins a class for single women in search of a husband.

Watch "Ready to Mingle" now.

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"I'm No Longer Here" (2019)

In this critically acclaimed, gritty film, a terrible misunderstanding with a local gang sends 17-year-old Ulises, leader of a group of cumbia fans, across the border to save his life.

Watch "I'm No Longer Here" now.

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"Elisa and Marcela" (2019)

Their euphoric love for each other is everything anyone could hope for. In 1901 Spain, it's also illegal.

Watch "Elisa and Marcela" now.

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"Despite Everything" (2019)

In this telenovela-style comedy, four sisters learn of a family secret after their mother's death, prompting them to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Watch "Despite Everything" now.

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"The Tribe" (2018)

In this comedy, an executive loses his memory after an accident but finds a new life with his biological mother and her dance group.

Watch "The Tribe" now.

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"Time Share" (2018)

After checking into a timeshare, Pedro becomes increasingly suspicious of the resort, leading him to believe that the timeshare has a bigger plan: to take his family away.

Watch "Time Share" now.

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"Super López" (2018)

Dani Rovira stars as Juan López, an everyday office worker who hides his heroic superpowers until one incident exposes him.

Watch "Super López" now.

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"Roma" (2018)

Based in 1970s Mexico, this emotional drama takes you through a year in the life of Cleo, a domestic worker facing her own troubles as she takes care of a fractured middle-class family, based on the filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón's experiences growing up.

Watch "Roma" now.

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"Perdida" (2018)

A policewoman whose childhood friend disappeared in Patagonia years ago starts a new search to find answers — and soon finds her own life in danger.

Watch "Perdida" now.

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"Lo Más Sencillo Es Complicarlo Todo" (2018)

Renata is in love with her brother's best friend, but after learning he's engaged, she figures out a plan to split him and his new fiancée apart.

Watch "Lo Más Sencillo Es Complicarlo Todo" now.

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"The Laws of Thermodynamics" (2018)

A scientist applies the laws of thermodynamics to couples in love, but his own relationship proves him wrong.

Watch "The Laws of Thermodynamics" now.

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"In Family I Trust" (2018)

Young architect Bea feels as though everything is going right until she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. In an attempt to reassess her life, she returns home to her family.

Watch "In Family I Trust" now.

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"Veronica" (2017)

This supernatural horror drama is about a teen girl and her friends who use a Ouija board to talk to her late father. Terror ensues.

Watch "Veronica" now.

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"Toc Toc" (2017)

Waiting for their delayed doctor, a group of OCD patients are forced to endure one another's company, leading to some interesting discoveries.

Watch "Toc Toc" now.

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"Sunday's Illness" (2017)

Chiara was abandoned as a young child, but after 35 years, she decides to find her mother with a special request: to spend two weeks together.

Watch "Sunday's Illness" now.

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"Orbiter 9" (2017)

Fans of "The Shape of Water" will enjoy this sci-fi romantic drama about a woman who has spent her life alone on a spaceship and falls for an engineer who comes into her life.

Watch "Orbiter 9" now.

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"Invisible" (2017)

A teenager finds out she's pregnant but ignores it and attempts to go about life as usual.

Watch "Invisible" now.