The Most Wholesome, Memeable Bong Joon-ho Moments at the Oscars

It's director Bong Joon-ho's world, and we're just living in it. His South Korean film Parasite, a twisty, hilarious, and heartbreaking thriller about capitalism, won big at the 92nd Academy Awards. It picked up four shiny golden statues for best original screenplay, international film, director, and picture. Parasite smashed a few records as well, becoming the first South Korean movie to win the international film award and of course, the first foreign language film to win the best picture award. Plus, Bong's the first South Korean winner in the directing category. It's all pretty impressive, given that Bong called the Oscars "very local."

Obviously, he's a genius. But he's also a joy to watch. Between his friendship with fellow filmmaker Taika Waititi and his knack for clever quips, Bong has had many sweet, memorable moments this award season. On Oscar day, the director didn't disappoint when it came to the cute moments, either. Ahead, we compiled all of Bong's funniest reactions and wittiest lines at the Oscars.

Bong Staring at His Best Screenplay Oscar in Awe

Bong Giggling at His Aforementioned Oscar

Bong Cutely Telling His Cast and Crew to Stand Up For Applause

Bong Being Ready to Drink After Winning Best International Film

Bong and Taika! Hugging!

Bong Shouting Out to Martin Scorsese Like a Damn Class Act