6 Soraya Montenegro Costumes Sure to Make You the Winner of Halloween

You can stop searching for the most clever and hilarious Halloween costume idea. Enter the Soraya Montenegro meme — yes, the meme, not the character.

The telenovela villain is an excellent choice for Halloween, and there are a handful of popular and funny memes to choose from. You could "judge in Spanish" or cry in Spanish, but either way, one thing is for certain: your costume will make everyone laugh.

Lucky for you, DIYing one of these costume ideas isn't all that hard or expensive. Take your pick, or better yet, find a few friends and split these six ideas among yourselves.


"I'm Better Than You in Spanish"

Large sunglasses, a scarf, and the perfect smirk are all you need for this classic Soraya look.


"Screams Internally in Spanish"

Soraya's definitely got a certain look to her when things don't go her way. A dramatic headscarf and a scowl are what make this costume the angriest.


"Judging You in Spanish"

You can wear any Soraya-esque (read: sexy) outfit you want. It's the priceless death glare that will truly make this costume.


"Slays in Spanish"

Even though she's a famed villain, Soraya (or at least her meme) still has the confidence factor going for her, making for another viable Halloween option.


"Cries in Spanish"

This is the most classic Soraya costume and arguably her most famous meme. With painted-on tears and dramatic sobs, you won't even need a sign.


"Stares in Spanish"

If you want to channel Soraya at her most "judgiest" or most intimidating state, this pick, with her signature stone-faced expression and cardigan, is the way to go.