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Feminist Halloween Costumes | 2021

45+ Feminist Costumes For 2021 That Prove Women Are Here to Slay

We've all heard the saying "the future is female," and that statement has never been more true (or necessary) than right now. For Halloween this year, a strong and powerful female costume may be the perfect choice to make a statement. If you're tired of dressing as a sexy mouse, a sexy Bob Ross (yes, this exists), or a sexy anything year after year (there's absolutely nothing wrong with dressing sexy, but sometimes you gotta switch it up!), then ladies, we've got you covered. There are so many costumes ideas that focus on all of the things about women that make us strong, fierce, and overall awesome (in addition to our undeniable sexiness), which is why we've rounded up the most iconic female costumes to wear this Halloween. Check out our favorite inspirations ahead!

โ€” Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes

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