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The Best Wedding Photos From 2019

The Best Wedding Photos From 2019 Are Even More Beautiful Than We Expected

Mariel and Paul got married at the Childress Vineyards in Lexington, NC. Mariel is an NFL cheerleader turned model who made her television debut in the show Racing Wives in 2019, while Paul is a jackman for NASCAR driver Austin Dillon. See the wedding here!
Image Source: Trinity Photography

POPSUGAR has featured some incredible weddings in 2019. These photos have captured couples with beautiful love stories of all kinds, proclaiming their devotion to each other at venues across the world. From romantic moments shared between the couple before they were wed to the moment the rings were put on each other's finger, these weddings were filled with sweet, heartfelt moments that showcase pure love and wholehearted joy.

This year, we've seen some truly spectacular pictures that will have you believing in the real magic of love. From an eloped couple's spontaneous wedding in Glacier National Park to another's tear-filled first look with the Atalaya Castle as the backdrop, these shots are a representation of unique love-filled unions. See 2019 through the lens of these special moments, and enjoy the best photos from this year's weddings, ahead.

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