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Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Ideas

OMG, Dumbledore Officiated This Enchanting Harry Potter AND Star Wars-Themed Wedding

Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Ideas

If I had my choice of wedding themes, Harry Potter-inspired would definitely be on my list, but a Harry Potter AND Star Wars wedding is beyond even my wildest fantasy-loving dreams. Stephen and Shawntae brought the two classic film genres to life when they hosted a wedding inspired by both series at Wayne State University in Detroit in October.

Every couple has their differences. Sometimes your partner likes dogs more than cats or cheese pizza instead of pepperoni, and sometimes you're so split on your love for classic movie genres that you don't stop talking about it until both of your favorites become the theme of your wedding.

For Shawntae and Stephen, the mashup worked beautifully, resulting in spell casting, a lightsaber reception entrance, wand-inspired party favors, and a gloriously geeky wedding cake. Dumbledore even officiated the ceremony! It's safe to say they created a magical wedding worthy of remembering for light years to come. Keep reading to see photos of the enchanting wedding.

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