Hold Up! We Need to Discuss the Creepy Clowns Having Sex on AHS: Cult

Ryan Murphy has officially blown my mind. Each season of American Horror Story features at least one jarring moment that will scar you for life, but just when I thought I'd seen it all, Murphy had yet another twisted idea up his sleeve for season seven. In the first episode of AHS: Cult, we see two clowns having sex in a supermarket next to watermelons. Full on and full throttle. And yes, it's as insane as you would expect it to be.

Ally, played by Sarah Paulson, witnesses the bizarre moment during a late-night grocery store run and freaks the f*ck out, naturally. As if that weren't enough, later on in the same episode, there's a shot of a different clown masturbating at a restaurant, and all I can think is why? Why, Murphy? Of course, everything he writes for the show is strategic, but everyone (including myself) has been left traumatized . . . although I won't stop watching.

As the episode progresses, we discover that Ally may or may not be hallucinating about seeing these creepy — and evidently horny! — clowns. So that leaves us to wonder if everything we're seeing is based on Ally's extreme fear of clowns manifesting in a way that makes her believe she's seeing clowns performing lewd acts in public . . . or if those were really clowns getting their freak on in real life. We're not sure which is scarier, but hopefully we'll get some answers soon. Read on to see some of the best (and funniest) reactions to all of the clown sex this season.