15 Best-Friend Halloween Costume Ideas

While Halloween may be great for painting pumpkins, watching gory horror movies on Netflix, and casually decorating your yard with 12-foot skeletons, it's also the best time to dress up with your best friend. Because really, what better way to show off your friendship than by wearing the perfect best-friend Halloween costume together?

Whether you're looking for a cute best-friend Halloween costume, a funny best-friend costume, or maybe even a scary best-friend Halloween costume, the possibilities are endless — even for those of you who prefer to keep things low-key or "don't like to dress up."

Ahead, we've listed some of the best and easiest best-friend Halloween costumes that you can DIY or buy yourself. From classic duos like Blair and Serena from "Gossip Girl" to dressing up as Grace and Frankie from the Netflix comedy series, we promise you'll find something you'll love (or, at the very least, will get tons of hype on the 'gram when you post).

Prepare to be the best friends no one can take their eyes off; here are the best-friend Halloween costumes of the year. And for more Halloween content, check out POPSUGAR's guide on the hottest costume ideas, decor, and more, here.

— Additional reporting by Taylor Andrews


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Wilson and Chuck From "Cast Away"

If you're in the DIY mood, there's nothing better than re-creating Wilson and Chuck from "Cast Away." Perfect for those who are pregnant, this funny best-friend Halloween costume will give you tons of love, praise, and laughs.


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Justin Bieber and Post Malone

The hardest part of this best-friend Halloween costume? Deciding who gets to dress up as Justin Bieber and who gets to dress up as Post Malone. For Post Malone's look, wear an all-white suit, braid your hair, and create some DIY facial tattoos with an eyeliner pen. For Bieber, unbutton a Hawaiian shirt, wear some khaki pants, and wrap a bandana over your forehead. Easy!


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Candy Rappers

Calling all of you besties who enjoy being the life of the party — this funny best-friend Halloween costume is for you. Dress up as (w)rappers by taping candy wrappers onto your best hip-hop style.


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Mary and Magda From "There's Something About Mary"

Pop culture references are great best-friend costume ideas. Dress up as Mary and Magda from "There's Something About Mary," and enjoy being complimented all night for your look.


Cute Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Lucy and Ethel

Another classic pop culture reference to dress up as: Lucy and Ethel from "I Love Lucy." To re-create this look, shop for 1950s costumes — long poodle skirts, a short-sleeved shirt, and bows for your hair.


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Tonya Harding and LaVona Golden

"I, Tonya" has some great best-friend Halloween costume inspo. And while you can definitely channel this movie by dressing up as Tonya Harding and her mother, you can also dress up as her rival Nancy Kerrigan.


Cute Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Grace and Frankie

If you want to be on the receiving end of "oohs" and "ahhs" all night, dress up as Grace and Frankie from the hit Netflix series. These two are ultimate BFF goals, and all you and your best friend have to own are a plaid suit, a long dress, and an oversize cardigan, and you're set.


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Kim Kardashian and North West

The best thing about re-creating a Kim Kardashian and North West look is you probably already own everything you need. Plus, it's a pop culture reference that will absolutely slay on Instagram — and maybe even receive a callout from Kardashian or West themselves. Besties can always dream!


Cute Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: NyQuil and DayQuil

For those of you looking for a low-effort best-friend Halloween costume, it doesn't get easier than a simple NyQuil and DayQuil costume. Simply buy blue and orange shirts, and print "NyQuil" and "DayQuil" on each.


Funny Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Taco Belle

Blend the greatness of Taco Bell with the classic Disney princess, and voila, you have an epic best-friend Halloween costume. Simply go to your closest Halloween costume store and buy a Belle costume and a taco costume — although both are DIYable, if you happen to have an elegant yellow ballgown in your closet (for Belle) and are handy with cardboard and paint (for the taco).


Matching Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Have some fun with this Tim Burton classic, and dress up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with your best friend. All you need are a yellow T-shirt, a red skirt, red leggings, and a little blue tie to go around your neck.


Matching Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Fairies

Dressing up as a fairy with your BFF is just as cute and easy as you can imagine. Pick out a cute, glittery outfit with your bestie, buy some wings from your closest Halloween retailer, then add some extra glitter on your face and body.


Cute Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

On Halloween night, why not take a little stroll to Hogwarts by dressing up as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger (or Ron Weasley, if you're a ginger)? This iconic Harry Potter duo will have all eyes on you. Just steer clear of any Slytherins — unless one of you is an ice blonde.


Cute Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: Blair and Serena From "Gossip Girl"

Greetings, Upper East Siders. If you want to be the ultimate friendship duo, dress up as Blair and Serena from "Gossip Girl." Just maybe refrain from sleeping with each other's boyfriends.


Scary Best-Friend Halloween Costumes: The Grady Twins

If you're looking for a scary best-friend Halloween costume, look no further than the Grady twins from "The Shining." Fortunately, you can find this entire ensemble at most Halloween costume retailers, but if you want to DIY, wear a blue dress, high white socks, and black shoes.