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Cheap Things to Do on Spring Break

28 Cheap Ways You Can Have Fun on Spring Break

Most of us don't have endless cash to throw at international plane tickets, four-star hotels, decent diners, or even Uber drivers (that stuff adds up). Which is why it makes total sense that you're passing on the Spring break vacation your friends are taking to Sydney. True, it sucks, but all is not lost. In fact, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to entertain yourself back home. Ahead are 28 ideas to get you started.

  1. Read an inspirational book.
  2. See a movie with your family.
  3. Change your hair.
  4. Start a new DIY project.
  5. Have a themed sleepover with your hometown friends.
  6. If the weather allows it, take a one-day road trip in your state.
  7. Complete a giant puzzle.
  8. Have a classic movie marathon with your pals (feel free to dress vintage).
  9. Shop at the thrift store.
  10. Cook a meal for your parents.
  11. Get a pedicure.
  12. Make a festive drink for you and your friends.
  13. Try a new dating app.
  14. Watch a show you've never seen on Netflix.
  15. Light a candle and color.
  16. Hang out with the animals at your local shelter.
  17. Write a poem, and post it to the Internet.
  18. Take yourself to lunch.
  19. Listen to an audiobook.
  20. Use an Easy Bake Oven with your childhood buds (hello, nostalgia).
  21. Play photographer in your hometown.
  22. Try out fresh makeup looks.
  23. Go to the mall.
  24. Have a temporary tattoo party with your pals (possible inspo for a real one?).
  25. Start a book club.
  26. Play old video games.
  27. Download quirky phone apps.
  28. Do a dance workout.
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