Most people know that the true test of friendship isn't texting someone every day, or being the first one at the bar for their happy hour — it's actually all about feeling comfortable enough to ask for the WiFi password. Think about it: it means you'll be over enough times to hop on the WiFi and that you're not just trying to check Facebook to meet up with more interesting people. But with iOS 11, asking for WiFi will be easier than ever and won't require someone to dig up the piece of paper where they wrote their password in the first place. So we can kiss that friendship test goodbye, but say hello to not sucking up quite so much data when we're out and about in the world.

In iOS 11, as long as you and your friend already have each other in your contacts and put your iPhone, iPad, or Mac near each other, you can share the WiFi password without needing to divulge what it is. Whoever is already on the WiFi network will receive a notification that another person is trying to join. If that person is your friend or someone you know, you can approve the request and they'll be put on the network. This works for personal cases, as well as at big offices (I tried it at the POPSUGAR office in San Francisco, and it went pretty smoothly.)

If you're still confused, not to worry; just look at ahead at how to use it and what the WiFi sharing feature looks like. After that, you can try the other useful updates on iOS 11 like new screenshotting tools and a one-handed keyboard.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Paul Kabata