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Michelle Obama, Queen of Subtle Shade, Takes Jab at Trump's Twitter Habits

Michelle Obama's latest public appearance has us wishing she were back in the White House more than ever before. The former first lady recently took the stage at The Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago to discuss all things social media and appeared to make a subtle jab at Donald Trump's infamously unprofessional Twitter habits. But she did it in the classiest, most artful way possible: without even uttering his name.

During a sit-down chat with poet Elizabeth Alexander, Obama touched on the importance of using social media platforms in a cautious and educated manner. "This whole 'tell it like it is' business, that's nonsense," she explained.

And then came the true zinger. "You just don't say what's on your mind. You don't tweet every thought," she said. "Most of your first initial thoughts are not worthy of the light of day." Although the former FLOTUS was quick to clarify that she wasn't "talking about anybody in particular," the crowd's reaction certainly said it all, as many let out audible chuckles and rounds of applause, surmising that she was referring to the current POTUS. On top of that, Alexander semi-sarcastically added, "Hah, we are so not talking about anybody in particular."

Obama went on to make one last social-media-related suggestion to the crowd: "You need to think and spell it right and have good grammar too." Though she insisted her comments were aimed at all social media users, we can only assume they were a thinly veiled dig at Trump, a man whose vocabulary includes made-up terms like "covfefe." Watch the video clip below to see what else the newly crowned Queen of Subtle Shade had to say at the Summit.

Image Source: Getty / Gerardo Mora
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