Watch Samantha Bee Sum Up the VP Debate in 1 Sentence

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Mike Pence and Tim Kaine debated on Tuesday night, but it was more of a shouting match than discussion. On her show Full Frontal, Samantha Bee expertly dismantled the debate and explained exactly what both candidates got wrong.

Bee's commentary on Kaine's performance echoed the general consensus. "America's assistant youth pastor could have won the debate without saying a word. Sadly, Kaine let the bright lights of the big boy's stage get the best of him and spent the evening barking like an overeager puppy," she said.

While Bee had some harsh words for Kaine, she had even harsher words for Pence — or as she described him, "homophobic Race Bannon." Acknowledging his absurd denial of Donald Trump's recorded comments, Bee said, "Pence lied all night, but he did it in such a soothing, FM-radio voice. He never lost his cool."

Bee also ripped on Kaine for harping on Trump's disturbing record instead of revealing Pence's equally-as-disturbing history. As Bee said, "Governor Pence, what about your push for anti-gay religious freedom laws and your disgust for the pathological condition of gaydom and your support for gay conversion therapy, and your attacks on women's health, and your unconstitutional anti-abortion initiatives?"

Bee nailed the gist of the debate in one sentence, as she did with the first presidential debate. "Both candidates passed the test of looking presidential," Bee quipped, "right up until the moment they opened their mouths." Catch it at the 1:20 mark.