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Samantha Bee Jokes About First Presidential Debate 2016

In 1 Hilarious Sentence, Samantha Bee Sums Up the Hillary Clinton Double Standard

Many women can relate to Hillary Clinton's dilemma: be strong but don't be too b*tchy about it. Samantha Bee perfectly called this out in her Full Frontal show following Monday's first presidential debate.

The host aired clips of pundits discussing what Hillary Clinton needed to do to win the debate, such as not be condescending and not cough, but provide substance while being entertaining and having fun on stage. "Save us from fascism but, like, don't be a b*tch about it," said Bee about how Clinton is expected to defeat Trump. Indeed, that's a line even some of her supporters need to be reminded of.

"Save us from fascism but, like, don't be a b*tch about it."

Bee also pointed out how no one suggests superficial changes to Donald Trump (such as "embracing his baldness proudly") and made fun of his snifflegate incident during the debate.

Some other memorable lines from Bee:

"I think the experience of listening to a man who just discovered a topic on the internet three weeks ago belligerently correcting a woman who has been studying said topic her entire adult life felt very Monday to most women."

"She's never gonna smile naturally enough for you, never gonna be a thrilling speaker . . . she's never gonna make you love her . . . But we don't need her to be warm and vulnerable. It turns out what America really needs Hillary Clinton to be, she is. Namely, one of the only people in the whole godd*mn country who is not afraid of a bully."

Watch her full segment and then check out more debate highlights here.

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