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Vice Presidential Candidates Debate Abortion

The Most Egregious Lie to Come Out of the Vice Presidential Debate

As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence has vehemently opposed abortion — he also signed a law which required women who have abortions, as well as women who miscarry, to have funeral services for their unborn. So when Pence and Tim Kaine started discussing abortion during the vice presidential debate, it got heated.

During the exchange, Pence attempted to deny that he and Donald Trump support legislation which punishes women who receive abortions. While the bill which Pence signed into law never took effect because it was too restrictive and blocked by a federal judge, he certainly tried. Furthermore, if requiring women who have miscarried — unquestionably not a choice — to have services for their dead children isn't punishment, then what is?

Trump has also publicly said he believes women who receive abortions should be punished.

Tim Kaine, who shares Pence's Christianity, had a more reasonable explanation for why he's pro-choice. "Why doesn't Donald Trump trust women to make this choice for themselves?" Kaine asked. With that remark, Kaine revealed what's so troubling about the abortion debate: ultimately, women are being told, most of the time by men, how they can and cannot use their bodies.

Image Source: Getty / Win McNamee
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