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Best DIY Halloween Costumes For Women | 2020

Feelin' Crafty? These Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Are Calling Your Name

One of the best parts about Halloween is the creativity that can come from making your own costume, and 2020 is your year, we can feel it! DIY costumes for adults are easy, cute, and totally creative, no matter what you decide to be. From re-creating your favorite movie character's outfit to coming up with something completely original, there's nothing better than blowing away the costume competition with something you made from scratch. This year, make Halloween unlike any other by crafting one of the coolest costumes yet. We hope your scissors and glue are ready!

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Are you a mistress of evil, too? Then this costume is for you! You'll need to wear a black dress and craft the iconic headpiece to make this look come to life. (To re-create Maleficent's headpiece, we suggest gluing horns to a black piece of fabric and securing it around your head.) You'll then need to contour your face to create the look of (very) defined cheekbones and add a dash of red-hot lipstick.

Want to look angelic this Halloween? Wear an all-white outfit, and add a halo and chic wings. Complete your look with sparkly makeup and glitter.

Sorry, Grandma. If you want to be this Little Red Riding Hood character, you'll need to wear a fuzzy jacket and brown ears. Draw on a little nose and whiskers and tousle your hair to make it look mischievously messy.

Nothing's sweeter than this costume! Wear a brown dress and attach a piece of paper with the Snickers logo to the front of it. Carry around a bag of chocolate to really make this costume come to life.

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If you have a green wig, you're more than halfway done with this costume! Put on purple, black, and green face makeup, and complete your look with a black-and-white striped shirt.

This killer costume is all about the makeup. Create the illusion of a cracked face by using an eyeliner pencil to section off different areas of your skin. Then, use bronzer and foundation to fill them in. From there, throw on a dress and a tutu, and pull your hair up into a high bun. Your work is complete!

No matter what time of day it is, these costumes are too cute! To be the sun, wear a shimmery gold or yellow outfit. Attach gold wires to a headband, and make sure they shine bright. To be the moon, wear a silver outfit and attach silver wires to a headband. You can do this costume with a friend or steal the show on your own.

A little black dress with a chunky statement necklace and small crown will turn you into the posh Holly Golightly. Put your hair in a high bun, then add opera-length gloves for good measure.

Green tights, a brown sweater, and green gloves will turn you into The Child in no time. If you're in a colder climate, feel free to wear a large brown coat over your sweater to really stay warm.

If you're a makeup-lover, this Scar from The Lion King look is out of this world.

A yellow plaid outfit and sassy attitude will make this Clueless outfit complete. High white socks and white heels will add the finishing touches.

Anything silver, sparkly, and fun will do for this costume. Style your hair into fun little buns and find all the silver makeup you can! Everyone will be seeing stars when they look at your outfit.

Braid your hair into matching pigtails and wear an all-black outfit. You'll want a white shirt underneath your top, though, for Wednesday's usual white collar to show through.

Throw on your most luxurious faux fur white coat and black dress, then swipe on some red lipstick. Carry around a stuffed dog or use your own pet dog as an accessory. The key to this costume is the bigger the coat, the better!

As long as you have the makeup and hair down, you can become PJ's love interest in moments. And psst . . . the makeup doesn't look too hard! As for the outfit, you can wear a cozy black sweater dress or a long-sleeve turtleneck and jeans. Done and done.

An oversize pink sweater and lavender purple leggings are all you need to re-create this Monsters, Inc. character. Toss your hair into cute pigtails, and you're ready for the night.

One word: fangtastic. A dollop of fake blood and a black or red outfit will turn you into the sexiest vampire Halloween has even seen.

Once you decide which popstar you want to be, just find colored sweats and a matching headband to re-create their look. You can complete your costume with a microphone and cheetah-print accessories.

C'mon, Barbie, let's go party! Wear a hot-pink dress, high heels, and black sunglasses to copy Barbie's iconic look. Wear pink lipstick and nail polish, and add a cute purse to finish the look off.

A red sweater with a white collar and black headband will make you turn into Sabrina Spellman. You'll cast spells on all those who see you!

To become the best friend of Zenon, it's important that your space outfit is on point. A pink bodysuit, leggings, and a purple vest and skirt pull it all together. Bonus points if you do the hair and fanny pack, too.

Feeling mischievous this Halloween? Wear all black with devil horns and red lipstick. You can also throw on devilish wings and carry a pitchfork if you so please.

A baby blue shirt or sweater, black choker, and small tiara are the key pieces to this outfit. Throw on your coziest pair of sweats and slippers, and accessorize with a broom or small white pumpkin.

Call me, beep me! Kim Possible rocks cool camo pants with a black long-sleeve shirt, and you can, too. If you're cold, you can add a black jacket over your outfit.

A yellow skirt, blue shirt, and red headband will turn you into this enchanting princess. Carry an apple to make this costume come to life.

The undead will have never looked hotter if you use some strategically wrapped gauze for this slinky mummy look.

Colorful, cute, and comfortable, you can't go wrong dressing up as an '80s workout chick. You'll need a bright workout set or a pair of sweats and a large scrunchie. If you're really feeling it, you can add blue eyeshadow and leg warmers.

A large flannel shirt is the main article of clothing you need to be a scarecrow. If you're somewhere really chilly, make sure to get one that's made with heavy fabric. Pair that with a straw hat and overalls, and you'll be ready to take things outside.

If makeup is your thing, try this easy pop-art look! Cartoon features, white dots, and bright colors will make this look easy to replicate.

Break some rules this Halloween with this ". . . Baby One More Time" costume. Black knee-high socks, a black pleated skirt, a white collared shirt, and gray sweater, will make this costume complete. Add pink poms to your braids to finish it off.

If you have a dreamy green dress, then you're on your way to becoming a princess. Pull your hair into a high bun and add a little flower accessory to make it complete. Now go find your frog!

Pair a "Thing 1" or "Thing 2" shirt with the coziest red sweatsuit you have. After you bundle up, wear a blue wig and red lipstick to make your outfit a masterpiece.

If Baby Yoda stole your heart, then this costume is for you. Wear an olive-green or light-brown dress or jacket, pull your hair back into tight buns to re-create his pointy ears, and look as cute as can be. Feel free to experiment with green makeup, too!

If you belong in Slytherin, just wear a black blazer with a crisp white shirt and a green tie. Bonus points if you have a wand.

Add the magic of Disney to your Halloween by dressing up as Minnie Mouse. If you have a red polka-dot shirt, throw that on and add little mouse ears. If you have mouse ears from Disneyland, those work, too.

Gabriella from Brink! didn't mess around, and neither does this costume. Overalls and rollerblades are all that's needed to achieve this skater vibe.

Ari is known for her oversize sweatshirt looks, and damn, do they look warm. Find a bright pink oversize sweatshirt and pair it with black leggings or knee-high black boots. Make sure to re-create her high pony and winged liner, and add a lollipop as your accessory.

You can wear a party hat with any kind of animal shirt you have lying around the house. Easy enough!

Long hair or not, you can still pull off Rapunzel for Halloween. Simply braid your hair to the side, accessorize with some flowery clips, and throw on whatever pink dress you own!

Tights, a long-sleeve dress, and a warm cape will turn you into a chic version of Kylo Ren from Star Wars in no time at all. Complete your outfit with gloves and boots if the weather dips.

Giddy up! If you have a cow-print skirt or pants and a yellow long-sleeve skirt, you're ready for the rodeo. Throw on a red hat and brown belt to make things complete.

Want to enchant everyone this holiday? Wear a blue dress (or silk robe!) to re-create the princess's dreamy look. Throw on a blue headband and white shoes to add a bit more magic to your look.

Head into your closet and pick out an oversize jacket, pair it over an all-black outfit, and ta-da, you're Rue! The most important part of the whole look is Rue's signature glitter tears, so don't forget them.

VSCO girls are known for their cool, laidback style. You'll just need a cozy set of leggings to pair with a colorful sweatshirt (tie-dye preferably!), and you're ready to snap some photos for your feed. Carry around a camera for emphasis.

While a black dress and pearls make up the most famous Breakfast at Tiffany's look, Audrey Hepburn's character also dons a sleeping mask and white dress shirt in other scenes. Draw lashes on a blue eye mask and enjoy the coziness of Halloween in a comfy collared shirt.

Etch the word "Bratz" into a white T-shirt, cut out the top, and throw your hair into a few pigtails to get the true Sasha Bratz doll look. Take it a step further and re-create Sasha's awesome makeup look to complete the costume.

If you have a white coat and goggles, then consider being a scientist. This costume can get as creative as you want it to, so don't be afraid to add some crazy-cute makeup to go along with it.

A crown of flowers will work great for this flower-child outfit. Wear flared pants, a colorful top, and cute shades.

With a little help from your friends on the other side, you can become Dr. Facilier in just a few simple steps. Simply wear all black with a purple shirt and a black hat, top it off with a deck of tarot cards, and you're good to go.

If you don't mind going pantsless, you can easily re-create this look with just a white button-up, socks, and sunglasses

Billie Eilish rocks oversize looks all the time, meaning dressing up as her for Halloween is bound to be comfortable. Wear a warm pair of sweats with an oversize long-sleeve shirt, and top it off with a baggy jacket if you need an extra layer for warmth.

If you have a blue dress or white shirt and blue skirt, you can easily become Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and add a baby-blue bow.

You can style this look in a variety of different ways, but our favorite way is by pairing a leopard-printed dress with a heavy long-sleeve black turtleneck or shirt. Complete the look with leopard ears and comfortable black boots.

There's no other way to say it: this is one of Britney's most iconic looks. Find a camel-colored jacket with fur on it, wear a baby-blue tee with the words "dump him" on it, and sport your favorite sweatpants. Not only will you be comfortable, but you'll also stay pretty toasty.

Any striped black and white clothing item will do! Just make sure you're adding another accessory, like a top hat or skeleton makeup, so you don't look like a prisoner.

Wear all white and add pink accessories to be a bunny. Throw on some rabbit ears and draw on a little nose and whiskers. Easy does it!

Find the coziest gray jacket you have, pair it with black leggings and Ugg boots, and throw on a gray beanie. Grab your favorite snack, and your costume is complete.

It only makes sense to have a Frozen character on this list! Anna knows how to brave the cold, and she does so in the most striking attire. Wear a long warm skirt with a long-sleeve teal and black shirt. Then find your warmest red coat, and go build a snowman.

Where in the world do you get a Carmen Sandiego costume? As long as you have a red trench coat and a red hat, then you've got one!

You can be the grown-up version of Dora the Explorer if you've got a purple backpack. It also wouldn't hurt to carry around a map.

Not everyone can pull off a Meryl Streep costume, but dressing up as a devil wearing Prada is easy — you can even write "Prada" across a plain shirt if, like most people, you don't happen to have anything from Prada lying around.

If you and your friends want to go in on a costume together, being the Spice Girls is as good as it gets. Have everyone dress up as their favorite singer and just strike their famous pose.

The magic is in the makeup for this stunning costume. Copy Natalie Portman's film character with feathered eyes and pale skin, then don a black skirt and ballet flats.

Channel the late Selena Quintanilla with a sexy outfit inspired by the talented and beautiful singer.

Fans of puns will love your costume creativity. All you need is a white dress, yellow circle made of felt or paper, red cape, and devil horns.

If you have a black dress and pointy ears, the only thing left that you'll need to be a bat is a makeshift cape. Cut a wing-like design in a blanket or piece of cloth and take on the night!

Rule every Halloween party as the Plastics leader, mean girl Regina George. Cut holes in a top and layer with a colorful bra for an easy yet awesome costume.

If you're looking for a costume that's simple and sweet, grab a yellow dress and an umbrella to become Morton Salt's iconic label (but please don't blame us if you get bad luck for opening an umbrella indoors).

Pick your animal then make a Ty tag for this easy throwback costume.

To pull off the DC Comics superhero, top an all-black outfit with a purple cloak.

You've heard of a crazy cat lady, but what if you're a crazy cactus lady? A messy 'do and a plant-printed outfit are all you need for this look.

Be a sweet treat this Halloween when you dress up as a strawberry. All you need are a red shirt or dress, green and black construction paper, and a small green hair accessory.

Get a light blonde wig and a costume you can make from strips and pieces of brown cloth. Don't forget the toy pet dragon to complete this Game of Thrones look!

With a bowler hat, a set of false lashes, and an all-white outfit, you can easily dress as the dystopian antihero from Stanley Kubrick's 1970s film.

Dressing up as this feminist icon is easy! A red bandanna and denim shirt are all you need to create this look.

Your friends will love this play on words! Attach maps to your clothes and create "antennas" (pipe cleaners attached to a headband should do the trick) for a quirky take on wanderlust.