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Easy Group Halloween Costumes For Coworkers

40+ Group Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Win Over Your Entire Office

If your work besties are looking for a group costume this year, we've got you covered with ideas that have "2022 Halloween Costume Contest Champion" written all over them.

These genius ideas will stand out, yet require little effort on your part. Is there a show you love to reference? Or more likely, a TikTok that has made the rounds? Perhaps each of you are an ingredient for a certain somebody's favorite drink (cough, cough, negroni sbagliato). I mean, what a stunning idea!

Honestly, you don't even need to get that creative because we did it for you. These costumes cover all the bases from pop culture references to movie classics. Not to mention, they are suitable for the office so you don't need to worry about a run-in with HR (no promises though). Even if the costume party is virtual this year, make an impact with these ideas that are affordable and easy to re-create yourself. Here's to a Halloween of working hard and playing harder.

Additional reporting by Melanie Whyte

The classic "A League of Their Own" movie had a full reboot this year with new Amazon Prime show starring Abbi Jacobson. Now more than ever is the perfect time to dust off the ol' uniform and come together — as a team!

Did you know Scooby Doo first aired in 1969? Since then it's gone through many different forms — from animated cartoons to live action movies. Bonus points if your boss allows dogs in the office.

Going as everyone's favorite candy is incredibly easy — a couple of different colors of t-shirts and you're good to go. The hard part is deciding who gets to be the iconic Green M&M.

Whether you're into astrology or not, we all like to shine bright on Halloween night. Gather your work besties to add a little sparkle to the office party.

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Another classic group costume for those who grew up watching The Addams Family or were reintroduced to it through Tom Burton's latest Netflix series "Wednesday." And because Halloween falls on a Monday this year, you can truly channel your darkest mood.

Ah The Breakfast Club, the inspiration behind every high school stereotype. The fun part is deciding who is the goody-good in the group.

The eyebrows! The sunglasses! The outfits! Need we say more? We all need "A Little Bit Alexis" in our life.

The best part about this costume is that your mascara can run down your face all night and it will only make your costume look better. Also, you get the rare opportunity to go to a costume party dressed as characters who attend a costume party.

Oof! Cleaning products have taken on a whole new meaning since the pandemic. But if you're looking for a way to tell your boss you want to go back to working from home, this may be the way to do it.

Picking any era to recreate is a fun way to explore the history of fashion. But the 50s are especially ripe with uniformed looks for a whole group.

Get it? Because the Spice Girls are a band? But you'd dress up as your favorite literal spice? You can't go wrong with a strong pun.

This group costume is perfect for those who start the morning with a cup of coffee and a run through of their favorite show tunes playlist. We love a musical theater major.

Wow this brings us back to when Vince Vaughn had our hearts in an iron fist. Regardless of how sporty you are, you should be safe from dodgeballs in the office.

Did you try to start a group costume and then Jim wanted to join, then Eliza, and suddenly you needed a group costume for north of ten people? Well, when life becomes a circus — uh, join them?

It's time to find out what cliques your coworkers hung out in high school. If you're feeling dangerous, have your team vote for the "Most Athletic" and others before you assign costumes.

Here's a clue! Dress as Clue. (Ugh, sorry that was bad.) Anyways, no matter how the game ends, you're sure to have a good time.

For this costume all you need is a couple colorful tube dresses and someone handy with scissors. (Which we're not too worried about if you gravitate towards this arts & crafts-related costume.)

Dead or alive, it's one for all and all for one with this costume.

We're not sure why there's a trend of dead characters but it does put a twist on an old favorite. You may run into another Woody while trick or treating but you're less likely to find one with a bullet hole in his head.

Who doesn't love an all-black outfit? Now add a few cut-out white dots and you're ready to party!

For those not afraid to make the others hungry, go big or go home with a continental breakfast.

"Game of Thrones" or "House of the Dragon," you have plenty of characters to choose from — preferably the ones that survive.

The best part about a garden gnome costume is it can be reused in a couple months for Santa Claus. A win, win in our book.

Honor the late Betty White with your besties. This costume should be super easy considering the coastal grandma aesthetic is probably already in your closet.

We hope your office has an open floor plan or else you're gonna have to get good at this game fast.

Who is the best hunter in your group? Because it's deer season at the office.

If you bring in ice cream for the office as an accessory, you're sure to win the top prize. (And even a cherry on top!)

Now this one is a throwback. The animated musical television series only ran for three years in the 80s, but it made an impression to last.

While this one might take an extra couple of hands to create, it's definitely a team building exercise.

Instead of a murder mystery party, host a Mario Kart race in your office. Ready, set, go!

Mean Girls came out 18 years ago and we're still quoting it. So you can't go wrong with this iconic group costume.

A perfect excuse to speak in gibberish all day and break into songs of Banana to annoy your evil boss.

Who doesn't want the chance to wear a bushy mustache and a top hat?

Remember when this was everybody's favorite movie? Well, it's time to drag it back into the limelight again.

Go full Gatsby and buy yourself something nice while you're out shopping for costumes. Why not treat yourself?

Pick up a couple of scrubs and you're in business.

Again, you must bring in actual pizza if you're going to tempt people like this. You've been warned.

Why can't we all be feminists? The more Rosies the better!

It's never too soon to start checking that list twice.

It's everyone's favorite week for a reason! Plus, you get to sing "Baby Shark" as your theme song.

If you know at least seven people want to join in, we have the best idea for you.

IYKYK is all we're gonna say about that.

Why dress up as one era when you can each pick your favorite?

Blazers are having a moment right now and honestly The Heathers is a perfectly creepy movie to emulate to get into the holiday spirit.

Perhaps leave the ultra competitive out of this group costume.

Touche, Waldo. Hiding in plain sight.

Now you have an excuse to buy those ruby red slippers you've been eyeing!

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