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Classic Halloween Costume Ideas

Go Back to Basics With These Cute and Classic Halloween Costume Ideas

There's nothing better than a timeless and classic Halloween costume, is there? When you think about the holiday, witches, ghosts, and monsters instantly come to mind since they're the most traditional and iconic costumes of all. Not to mention, you can make each costume as creative as you please! Whether you want to give everyone a fright or you just appreciate the simplicity of a classic costume, these ideas will make your Halloween one to remember. From spellbinding witches and frighteningly chic black cats to some of the most typically worn costumes in recent years (obviously Harley Quinn!), these easy DIY costumes can be made in minutes โ€” no magic needed. Check out the best traditional Halloween costumes ahead, and get excited for a night of classic Halloween horror.

โ€” Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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