70 Easy DIY Disney Costumes For Adults This Halloween

Ollie Millington/Getty Images
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

It's time to get a little more creative with your Disney Halloween costume this year. While there's never anything wrong with a classic princess dress (and we have suggestions for that!), Halloween is a great time to challenge yourself to channel someone (or something) from the Walt Disney universe that's a little beyond the norm. Try on Marie from "The Aristocats"'s pink bow or dust off your super suit to be the Incredibles. You could even get crafty with some skeleton makeup to transform into rag doll Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Those don't tickle your fancy? Get even more niche, and craft a quick DIY costume to be a character from a more obscure Disney movie, like "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" or "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century."

We've rounded up a whole bunch of easy costumes based on the Disney universe that will inspire you this Halloween season: your favorite Disney sidekicks (like Sven!), friends (WALL-E and EVE), and even some foes (we're looking at you, Maleficent). And of course, we've included some classic character favorites: Disney princesses like Snow White from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog," and many more beloved roles.

See all of the creative Disney costumes for adults ahead, and win best get-up at your Halloween party!

Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Lindsay Kimble, and Lauren Harano


Disney Costumes For Adults: Maleficent From "Sleeping Beauty"

You'll definitely turn heads at any Halloween party with Maleficent's signature pair of sky-high horns. Pair them with a bold red lip and you'll be all set for the night.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Lock, Shock, and Barrel From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

This super fun Disney costume is perfect for a trio. Just team up with two friends and pair some items from your closet with "Nightmare Before Christmas" masks.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Mirabel From "Encanto"

Grab some green glasses and a flowing skirt and you'll be just about set for this look! Just be sure to avoid talking about Bruno.


Disney Costumes For Adults: "Pinocchio"

Who doesn't love "Pinocchio"? All you need to channel the iconic wooden puppet is a pair of suspenders, a matching bow tie, and some epic makeup skills.


Disney Costumes For Adults: "The Incredibles"

"The Incredibles" make for a perfect group or family costume, of course. You can also pull this one off solo or with a partner by getting suited up in red as Helen and Bob Parr — just make sure to leave the capes in the closet.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Zenon and Nebula From "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century"

This fun Disney costume idea is a great excuse to reuse your Barbiecore fashion purchases from the summer. Be a "Supernova Girl" in hot pink, white boots, and some metallic or shiny skirts.


Disney Costumes For Adults: "Lady and the Tramp"

Spaghetti isn't necessarily required for this "Lady and the Tramp" costume. All you'll need are some cute ears and grey and brown outfits, but a full-body dog suit is also an option.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Sally From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

What's more perfect for Halloween than channeling rag doll Sally? Plus, costumes from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" are always a fun way to show your excitement for both Halloween and the coming holiday season.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Mal, Evie, and Uma From "Descendants"

You can DIY costumes to embody the troublemaking offspring of some of Disney's most-iconic villains. Whether you choose to dye your hair or buy a wig is your own choice.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Lumiére From "Beauty and the Beast"

Put your service to the test in this Lumiére costume from "Beauty and the Beast." You can also involve your friends by having them dress up as Mrs. Potts or any number of the classic animated movie's beloved cast of characters.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Jessie From "Toy Story"

If you've got cowboy boots at home, becoming Jessie from "Toy Story" is as easy as saying, "Howdy, partner!" And if you want to involve Woody in the fun, all you need is a pair of boots and a bandana.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Sven From "Frozen"

Kristoff's furry friend, Sven, loves warm hugs — and dressing as the sidekick will certainly keep you warm on chilly October nights. You might try putting on some fur trimmings and grabbing a stuffed reindeer as shown above, or get yourself a pair of reindeer antlers for a more immersive experience.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Kida From "Atlantis: The Lost Empire"

Try out a different kind of Disney princess costume as Princess Kida. Plus, her furry boots are a great way to keep your hands and feet warm on Halloween.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Roger and Anita From "101 Dalmatians"

No pups required (especially not 101) to dress up as Roger and Anita from "101 Dalmatians." Cruella is also a perfect choice if you want to go for a more nefarious look.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Winnie the Pooh

Transforming into Winnie the Pooh is easy in this comfy costume: just pair yellow leggings and a sweatshirt with a red tee. You can also carry along some honey or honey-flavored treats to make sure you always have supplies on hand for trick-or-treaters.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Flapper Disney Princesses

Put a spin on a classic Disney princess costume by giving it a 1920s vibe. Whether you're a boa-wearing Snow White or an Ariel clad in your finest flapper dress, this is a fun way to spice up a Disney look.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Tiana From "The Princess and The Frog"

Travel down to New Orleans and wear green as Tiana. You can also rope in a friend to be Prince Naveen; all you'll need is, you guessed it, more green.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Disney Princesses

Keep things traditional in these Disney princess costumes. After all, sometimes you just want to bring out your inner Cinderella.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Modern Snow White

Update the fairest of them all with modern clothing pieces in Snow White's color scheme. A red bow and some blue and yellow accent pieces are really all you need to make this look pop.


Disney Costumes For Adults: WALL-E and EVE From "WALL-E"

Just because you're not a robot doesn't mean you can't channel one for Halloween. Try wearing white with some blue glasses for EVE and pull out your best metal-inspired browns for the titular bot.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Violet From "The Incredibles"

Show off your powers as The Incredibles' teen member. Violet may be quiet, but as far as Disney heroes go, she's one of the best.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Matchmaker From "Mulan"

Let's get down to business this Halloween — as one of "Mulan"'s more niche but beloved characters. (This costume is also a great excuse to set up some of your friends on Halloween night).


Disney Costumes For Adults: White Rabbit From "Alice in Wonderland"

Don't be late for any Halloween parties when crafting this costume — that's what the pocket watch is for!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Russell and Kevin From "Up"

This "Up" pairing is great for couples or best pals.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Dress up as Disney's most iconic characters for Halloween. And yes, the mouse ears are absolutely required.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Jane Porter From "Tarzan"

Navigate your way out of the jungle in a yellow top and green pants as Jane Porter. The best part — you can just grab a yellow shirt and green pants from your closet and you'll be set.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Captain Hook From "Peter Pan"

It's a pirate's life for you in this "Peter Pan" Halloween costume. You really just need to acquire a hook and wear a red and white outfit, but it's always fun to go all-out with the full pirate getup.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Maleficent From "Maleficent"

Take your Maleficent costume to the next level with a crow companion. If you can find a real crow willing to accompany you throughout the night, power to you, but most likely you'll want to adopt a stuffed crow or make a paper mache one if you're feeling extra crafty.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Cruella De Vil From "101 Dalmatians"

No pooches were harmed in the making of this Disney Halloween costume. Cruella's signature black-and-white hair is a staple, but all you really need is an elegant getup and this villain's signature devious look.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Scar From "The Lion King"

You could always dress up as an actual lion, but there are ways to modernize and simplify your "Lion King" costume. This intense scar face makeup is a great way to show off your artistic talents while staying comfortable.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Sexy Jasmine From "Aladdin"

Get a little saucy in this Jasmine costume — no Aladdin required. You could always add a magic carpet — or have a friend dress up as one — to complete this look.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Anna and Elsa From "Frozen"

Arendelle's sweetest sister duo are easy to emulate with simple dresses from your own closet. For Elsa, you'll need something light blue, and for Anna, some braids and bold colors will complete the look.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Hipster Ariel and Cinderella

Bring Disney princesses into 2023 with this spin on Ariel and Cinderella. Just grab a wig and some extremely bold glasses, and you'll be set.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Super Aurora From "Sleeping Beauty"

Put a twist on "Sleeping Beauty" by throwing on a cape and some gold cuffs with your pink dress. This is a fun way to add an unexpected twist to any princess costume and is also a great excuse to imagine what princess movies would be like if the princesses were superheroes.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Sexy Belle From "Beauty and the Beast"

Want a sexier take on "Beauty and the Beast"'s Beauty? Try a short yellow tutu and corset to channel Belle.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Flapper Snow White

Adding a Gatsby twist to your favorite Disney character is always a great choice. Elevate Snow White with sequins and feathers by transforming into a flapper version of the iconic Disney character.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Zombie Belle, Ariel, and Snow White

Undead princesses? Count us in!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Snow White From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Channel one of Snow White's less-emulated looks with a pink skirt, brown corset, and off-the-shoulder white top. Don't forget a belt!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Tiana From "The Princess and the Frog"

Channel Tiana's cooking prowess with her signature apron. (Bringing along some actual food is sure to make you an even bigger hit).


Disney Costumes For Adults: Anna, Elsa, and Olaf From "Frozen"

Get the whole family involved in these "Frozen"-inspired costumes. Whether you're Olaf the snowman, Elsa, Anna, or even Sven the reindeer, this is always a cute way to show some Disney love.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Belle as Gaston and Jasmine as Jafar

Mixing and matching Disney characters makes for an especially unique Halloween spin. For example, you might pair Belle's hair with Gaston's look or Jafar's cape with Jasmine's ponytail.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Zombie Snow White and Ariel

Add a little scariness to your Disney costume with this twist. Even Disney princesses, as it turns out, aren't safe from a zombie apocalypse.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Ariel From "The Little Mermaid"

One thing Ariel knows how to rock, for certain? Accessories!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Merida From "Brave"

A green dress and a toy bow and arrow will transform you into this Scottish lass. A red wig or some red hair dye is the cherry on top.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Sexy Cinderella

Dressing up as a sexy version of literally any character is always a Halloween classic. Saucy Cindy is no exception!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Goth Snow White

The apple isn't just wicked . . . so is this take on Snow White's signature look. Of course, this fun twist could be applied to any character, from Goth Ariel to Goth Olaf from "Frozen" and so on.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Superhero Ariel

Disney princesses might largely have been passive heroines in the original movies, but not this Halloween! Put a twist on "The Little Mermaid" by including a cape with your red wig.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Ariel and Ursula From "The Little Mermaid"

Going as Ariel to a party and have a plus one? Get your friend in character as Ursula the sea witch!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Belle and Gaston From "Beauty and the Beast"

She really is a funny girl, that Belle. Just don't forget her book!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Aurora From "Sleeping Beauty"

Many go for Aurora's pink look when dressing up as "Sleeping Beauty" on Halloween. But you can break tradition by wearing a gray, collared dress for one of her earlier looks.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Merida From "Brave"

Redheads rejoice! You can become this Scottish heroine with a gauzy piece of green fabric draped as Merida's dress.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Moana From "Moana"

We might have to wait a while for the live-action "Moana" to surface, but that's just a great excuse to celebrate the movie's beloved characters. Show other Halloween-goers how far you'll go for the perfect costume.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Rapunzel From "Tangled"

No braid required when you channel Rapunzel after the big chop. And no need to go all-out on the dress — just pull something pink from your closet, grab a pink headband or tiara, and you're set.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Pocahontas and John Smith From "Pocahontas"

These two may not have ever dated in real life, but what does it matter? One of Disney's most-beloved couples is a classic choice for Halloween.


Disney Costumes For Adults: The Haunted Mansion Ghosts

Become the Walt Disney World attraction's spooky apparitions with your family. Plus this is a great excuse to watch the "Haunted Mansion" remake on Halloween night.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Ariel Two Ways

Pair with a friend to channel Ariel before and after she gets "up where they walk." You might not be able to replicate Halle Bailey's vocals, but you'll definitely have fun with this quirky pairing.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Jasmine From "Aladdin"

Need to keep your identity hidden this Halloween? Track down your own street rat with Princess Jasmine's classic look and her disguise.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Moana From "Moana"

There's more than one way to show off your best "Moana" take. What can we say except you're welcome for this Moana costume inspiration.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Mary Poppins From "Mary Poppins"

This Mary Poppins costume is perfect if you're grappling with some inclement weather this Halloween. Of course, the titular nanny needs her umbrella!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Jazzercise Princesses

This fun spin on the Disney princesses is extra cozy. Just repurpose some leggings!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Moana Jedi

The possibilities are limitless when you start combining Disney franchises. One particularly heroic Disney character mashup: pairing Star Wars with Moana.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Jasmine and Aladdin From "Aladdin"

This classic Disney couple are always favorites for Halloween. Grab a carpet (magic optional) and a stuffed monkey and you'll be all set.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Tiana From "The Princess and the Frog"

Headed to a Halloween ball or just want to look extra fancy? Repurpose your prom dress or any white gown with some green accents for this Tiana costume.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Snow White From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Dressing as a Disney character doesn't mean you have to raid the costume shop; particularly if you're looking for a last-minute costume, you might only have to open your closet doors. Plenty of Disney lovers have perfected the art of the Halloween costume created from basic, everyday pieces — like this Snow White look.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Zombie Ariel

Have some major makeup and prosthetic skills? Show them off with a dark twist on "The Little Mermaid."


Disney Costumes For Adults: 1950s Snow White

Now who's the fairest of them all? Snow White's classic, color-blocked look can be evolved for any style — including a vintage style.


Disney Costumes For Adults: The Rescue Rangers From "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers"

Grab your pals and transform into everyone's favorite mouse crew. We bet at least one of your friends has a Hawaiian shirt ready!


Disney Costumes For Adults: Rapunzel and Flynn From "Tangled"

The only thing truly crucial to this couple's costume is a longer-than-life braid. A medieval gown doesn't hurt, of course.


Disney Costumes For Adults: Cinderella From "Cinderella"

Here's another fun modern twist on a classic Disney heroine. You'll just need to revitalize a blue dress and apron from your closet to transform into Cinderella this Halloween.