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Is Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Scary?

9 Reasons Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Should Be on Your Bloody Bucket List

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Halloween is in the air (seriously, can't you smell it?), which means Halloween Horror Nights is back at Universal Studios's Hollywood and Orlando parks. Since I survived last year, I thought I would attend again this year, and to be honest, I'm still recovering. I consider myself a moderate wimp, but I love to push myself to see just how scared I can get, and Halloween Horror Nights reallllly pushed me this year.

In addition to actually entering the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, I was chased around the park by multiple clowns with chainsaws, narrowly escaped being a part of America's annual tradition of The Purge, and had to feel my way around a pitch-black room filled with dead (but alive) scarecrows. If you've been to Halloween Horror Nights before and are considering going again, or if you've been wanting to go for years, here are all the reasons it's an absolute must.

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