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This Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as Princes

This Artist Turned Disney Princesses Into Princes, and Whew, They Look Good With a Capital "G"

This Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as Princes
Image Source: Isaiah Stephens

There's truly no limit to the creativity in the Disney world. We've seen artists reimagine princesses as superheroes, villains, witches, and brides. You'd think we would've learned to expect the unexpected by now, but we're consistently surprised by what creators are able to come up with — and illustrate! Take Isaiah Stephens, for instance. His gender-bent art features a few of our favorite princesses as princes instead. We'd bet that even the biggest Disney fans haven't seen the characters like this before.

Even with a different look, their signature personalities remain. Belle is still bookish and Snow White is still a magnet for woodland creatures. They just have a little extra muscle, plus some incredibly chiseled jawlines. Get a closer look at Isaiah's awesome art ahead. We wouldn't mind a movie starring these handsome Disney royals.

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