This Artist Turns Disney Princesses Into Badass Witches, No Magic Wand Necessary

Something wickedly creative this way comes! I'm all about reimagined Disney art these days, whether it's animated animals turned into humans or celebrities transformed into princesses. That's why I was immediately drawn to the designs of Emma G., also known @ekg.arts on Instagram. Emma is known to turn Disney princesses into powerful witches — perfect for Halloween time!

Emma told POPSUGAR she has always loved creating fan art, and Disney allows her to tap into childhood nostalgia. To achieve this badass witchy look, she draws on inspiration from the characters and the aesthetic of American Horror Story: Coven. "I love the dark, baddie, somewhat goth style of those witches, and that each one dresses according to their own style, but with that black-inspired color scheme," she said.

You might notice that each of Emma's designs features a glowing crescent moon symbol, which she included for a special reason. "I started using the crescent moon as a unifying factor and an indication of magical ability," she explained. "In Wicca culture, it symbolizes a goddess of the moon (though I am not personally a member). I have always been very inspired by the moon, so it's become my signature on my witches."

Although Emma finds it difficult to pick a favorite reimagined princess — "I love that every one of them has a unique style" — she does have a special place in her heart for Belle. Emma described her as "cute, bookish, and ready to tackle her obstacles." What's not to love? Emma definitely plans to continue her designs, and said she has Alice, Snow White, Esmeralda, Kida, Anastasia, and Cinderella on her list of potential princesses. If you're interested in seeing a speedy glimpse of her sketch process, check out her TikTok account for more content.