Artist Transforms Disney Princesses Into Modern Brides, and Their Parents Are Included, Too!

Oksana Pashchenko, an artist from Russia, is known for her incredible illustrations that are inspired by Disney princesses. Along with transforming our favorite leading ladies into modern mothers and pregnant women, Oksana has also been creating images of a few princesses on their wedding days.

Her attention to detail is a work of art itself, but for this series, Oksana added an extra layer of emotion by including each princess's parents in her illustrations. While you might recognize some of them — like Belle's dad, Maurice! — she also included the spirits of parents whom fans have never had the pleasure of meeting on screen, such as Ariel's mother.

Ahead, get a look at some of Oksana's incredible creations, and be sure to reach out to her on social media if you're interested in commissioning her for your own piece!