This Artist Imagines Disney Princesses at Disney Parks, and I Need My Own Minnie Mouse Ears

Imagine combining some of our favorite aspects of Disney — say, the iconic princesses and beloved parks — and throwing them into one beautiful image. Well, that's how these creative, fun illustrations by artist Louie Cruz were born. Louie, who goes by @artworkbylouie on Instagram, doesn't just conceptualize Disney princesses as modern-day women in trendy outfits and current hairstyles — he places them at the most magical and happiest places on Earth, Disneyland and Disney World.

"It's cool to see them being comfy and relatable at the same time."

From Snow White and Rapunzel riding the spinning teacups at Mad Tea Party to Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas taking selfies and drinking Disney frappuccinos in front of the famous Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel, the details in Louie's artwork are wildly impressive. You'll even notice that every princess is wearing Minnie Mouse ears unique to their personal style — can we talk about the purple shells on Ariel's? Louie recently told POPSUGAR the concept was originally suggested by one of his clients who loved Disney parks, and he immediately fell in love with the idea. "It's cool to see them being comfy and relatable at the same time," he said.

What's most interesting about Louie's design process is the way he pairs up princesses "that would look good together" into one image. For instance, he chose Ariel and Jasmine for the Dumbo ride because it's both of "their dreams to see the world" beyond — the sky and the sea — while he grouped Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora as a tribute to their French origin stories. Louie is currently planning for more additions to his series, including everyone's favorite Frozen sisters and the latest princess to join the franchise, Raya, as well as Disney villains, so we luckily have more creations to look forward to. Ahead, get a closer look at the artist's inventive works ahead, including his favorite one to date: Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas.