11 Ways to Be Happier at Home

We talk a lot about how to increase your happiness, and some of the biggest impact on your well-being will come from the changes you make in your own home. After all, our humble abode is our haven and a place where we relax and recoup from the daily grind. Here are some ways to make the most of it.

1. Get rid of stuff.

You need to start getting rid of the excess stuff you have in your home. After all, a messy home can add mental stress and fatigue. Here is a list of 10 questions that will help you declutter your home. While you're dumping out items you don't use, remember to purge your home of items with negative associations, such as the gift from your toxic friend that reminds you of her, an item from a bad relationship, or reminders of unfinished projects you keep putting off. Free your mind by freeing yourself of stuff.

2. Organize your home.

Now that you've gotten rid of your clutter, you need to whip your home into shape and get to organizing. Designate certain places for things instead of throwing them in a pile, and create a storage area for the items.

3. Add plants.

Studies have proven over and over again how beneficial plants are to your well-being. Invest in a potted plant or a miniterrarium. Not only will you feel better and less stressed when you look at the greenery in your home, but it will help to purify the air as well.

4. Designate a workspace.

Don't let work spill into other parts of your home. Designate a workspace to get all your work done in. If you start working all over your home — such as places like your couch or your bed — you may find it hard to disassociate yourself from the office.

5. Get things sparkling clean.

Keeping your home clean will set your mind at ease. Having trouble motivating yourself to clean? Try our 30-day cleaning challenge that will get your home in tip-top shape in less than a month.

6. Keep your blinds open during the day.

Remember to open your blinds and let the sun shine into your home when you're at home during the day. Sun exposure is commonly linked to a boost in mood caused by an increase in production of some uplifting chemicals such as serotonin.

7. Have a special place for the things you often misplace.

Don't let the misplacement of items frustrate you. While you're turning over your home looking for your keys, you can get really flustered and annoyed, which can negatively affect your mood. Instead, designate a place for the items you often forget — perhaps DIY-ing this organizing hanging station to place in your entryway.

8. Scent up your home on occasion.

Scents can go a long way in relaxing you and putting you in a more positive state. Spray your home with a calming scent like lavender with this great natural recipe.

9. Use an air filter.

Sometimes you can't open your window to let fresh air in, because the outside may have even more toxins than the inside (particularly if you live in an urban area with bad pollution). Invest in a good air purifier to keep healthy air circulating in your home. Everything is linked, so if your health is poor from the bad air quality, your mood will be negatively affected as well.

10. Use natural home products.

Dump the toxic chemicals, and pick home products from eco-friendly brands. Or, better yet, make your own natural cleaning supplies for just pennies. If you DIY cleaning materials, you'll be saving money and freeing your home of toxins.

11. Set up a chore chart.

If you have roommates, set up a chore chart to clearly define your duties and to make sure everyone is contributing their fair share of work. There's nothing like discontent and strife to make your home feel like less of an oasis.