Our Weekend Will Be Spent Making a DIY Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Planter

With just a quick run to the dollar store and your local crafts shop, you can make a spooktastic Mickey Mouse pumpkin planter, filled to the brim with your choice of succulents or flowers. Striking the perfect balance between cute autumn decor and everything Disney, these planters are delightfully festive for Halloween and the whole fall season. The best part of all is that this DIY is easy, quick, and budget-friendly, and everyone will be asking you where you got those magically-ghostly planters.

This DIY Mickey Mouse planter is great as a fall harvest-themed table centerpiece, or as an adorably eerie decoration for your home's entrance. You only need a few materials to make it: foam pumpkins, a door knob and wall shield two-pack, terracotta acrylic paint, matte waterbase sealer, a craft knife, a glue gun, a paintbrush, foam blocks, faux succulents or flowers, and a bag of popcorn kernels, raw beans, or rice. All of the materials except the paint, craft knife, and glue gun can easily be found at your local dollar store, while the rest of the items are best off found at a nearby arts and crafts store. For a more classic planter result, opt for green succulents or colorful flowers, and for a spine-chilling All Hallows' Eve-themed DIY, go all-in with a black or deep purple floral arrangement.

To get started, cut out a hole at the top of your pumpkin with an X-Acto knife (another sharp, small knife should also work fine) and fill it with the bagged popcorn kernels, beans or rice. Cut out two straight lines on either side of the pumpkin to later stick in Mickey's ears. Once that's done, paint the entire pumpkin with terracotta paint, as well as the two wall shields. Let that dry, and then paint both the pumpkin and shields with the sealer to create a perfect matte effect. Cut out a circle in the piece of foam that's the same size as the hole in the pumpkin, and place it just inside the pumpkin, securing it on top of the interior bag using the glue gun. Stick in both of the painted wall shields in either cut-out line to make Mickey's ears, lining with glue. Lastly, arrange your choice of succulents and flowers atop the foam using the glue, letting your imagination run wild. Now just light a pumpkin spice candle, switch on Hocus Pocus, and show off your planter for the best autumn vibes.