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Disney Villains For Every Zodiac Sign

Calling All Poor, Unfortunate Souls: Find Out What Disney Villain You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Disney Villains For Every Zodiac Sign
Image Source: Everett Collection

Have you ever watched a Disney movie and, instead of identifying with a princess or sidekick, felt a teeny bit a sympathy for the villain in the story? (I mean, Maleficent was clearly misunderstood, and Captain Hook was tragically attacked by the supposed "hero" of the story, amirite?) If Disney villains make you feel more seen than anyone else, you're not alone. Some of us just hard darker souls than others, and a lot of that is reflected in our zodiac signs. For example, Gaston, despite his many, many flaws, was a confident guy who liked attention — sound familiar, Leo? While everybody on this list may be certifiably "bad," they all have highly relatable personality traits that make them seem even more human than most heroes. Find out which Disney villain you are by sliding to your zodiac sign, ahead!

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