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How to Achieve a Cottagecore Aesthetic

What Is Cottagecore? The Popular New Aesthetic Is Basically Taylor Swift's Folklore

If you've been hearing about Cottagecore lately, you're not alone. It's basically the new VSCO girl, and tons of people have been sharing videos and photos on TikTok and Instagram with ideas for how to achieve the dreamy aesthetic. But what exactly is Cottagecore? In a nutshell, the trend encompasses everything you'd need to live a fairy-tale life in a cottage: floral prints, plants, knitting, baking, fables, and traditional skills and crafts that were once heavily popularized. As TikTok user Lillie (@lillies.apthocary) puts it: "Anyone else just want to, like, move off the grid into a cottage in the middle of a forest where you can bathe in a nearby stream, make your own quilts, grow your own herbs and spices, and dance with the fairies?" Yeah, it's a real mood.

The Cottagecore hashtag is bursting with farmcore and Folklore vibes à la Taylor Swift. Among the most viewed are soothing videos demonstrating how to make rose water, potpourri, bread, and much more. If you've been wanting to dabble in the Cottagecore world yourself, ahead are examples of how you can pull it off.

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