iPhone Users: Did You Know You Can Shake Your Phone to Delete Text and Make It Reappear Again?

TikTok is full of helpful tips and tricks for everything from beauty to home DIYs, but what really brings me down a rabbit hole are the iPhone hacks. From how to take a screenshot using the Apple icon to taking a full-page screenshot with scrolling (a lifesaver for recipes, by the way), there are so many iPhone tricks to learn about. This is why it's no surprise I discovered another one that made me say, "How did I not know this?!" — and this one erases your text and helps it reappear.

Maybe I'm out of touch, but I did not know you could type a text to someone, shake your phone to erase it, and then shake it again to make the same text you typed reappear. It's magic, if you ask me. I'm not exactly sure where this tip would come in handy — typically if I'm typing something, it's intentional — but if I were to change my mind and want to reword my text, this could make sense. Or if you frequently drop your phone while texting and don't want to retype the entire thing, this hack is perfect. Even if you don't need to use this hack, I'll continue to type and shake my phone for the fun of it — it's amusing at the very least!