This iPhone Hack Lets You Take a Full-Page Screenshot With Scrolling, and It's Such a Timesaver

I'll never not be thankful for a smartphone's ability to screenshot. From recipes to memes to event reminders to DIY hacks, I'm able to bookmark tons of things to go back to with the click of a few buttons. However, sometimes the content you want to screenshot is bigger than an iPhone's screen, so if you want to save all that information, you have to scroll down and take multiple screenshots. Annoying, right? Actually, there's a hack for that! TikTok user @ambre_skye shared the genius hack that allows you to screenshot an entire web page all in one file.

To screenshot an entire page, first make sure make sure your phone has the iOS 13 update and that you're using Safari rather than another browser or app. Second, screenshot the page like you usually would, holding down the upper volume button and the button on the opposite side. Third, click the screenshotted image that pops up on the bottom left-hand corner of your phone, then click "Full Page" at the top. Next, use the scroll bar on the right to scroll for as long as you want the screenshot to be. Once you've done that, click "Done" and "Save PDF to Files." Last, open your Files app, and you'll find the entire screenshot with your other recent files. How cool is that?!

If you'd like to eliminate the ads and keep only the important information in your screenshot, we have an additional hack for you: go to Reader mode on Safari! First, click the "AA" button on the left side of the search bar at the top, then click "Show Reader View." You can also set your phone up to do this automatically by tapping the "AA" button, then "Website Settings," then "Use Reader Automatically." If the "AA" button is dimmed, Reader mode isn't available for that site.

Shout-out to TikTok creators for always showing us helpful iPhone hacks and in such a short amount of time. Here's to no more thousands of screenshots clogging up your camera roll!