If You Want to Start Your Day Crying, Watch Twitter's 2016 Recap Video

For many reasons, 2016 felt like the year that wouldn't end. Though some people wish we could redo the year or erase it from our memories, there are some happy memories from the year that we wouldn't want to forget at all. It's why Twitter's three-minute video recap of the year will leave you with in tears.

The video, dubbed #ThisHappened, captures plenty from the Mannequin Challenge to spoilers in Game of Thrones. It highlights important political and world moments like the Dakota Access pipeline protests, the crisis in Aleppo, Syria, Hillary Clinton's presidential nomination, the Nice attacks, and more. It looks back on the deaths of Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, and Prince. But, there's positive moments, too, such as the wins during the Rio Olympics, the Jupiter flyby, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, and Pokémon Go mania. So far, the video has more than 10,000 likes and 6,000 retweets.

Sit back, grab a tissue box, and watch the emotional video above. It'll hit you in all the right feels.