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The Best Things About Back to School Season

We Asked Kids Why They Love Going Back to School, and Their Answers Are So Cute

Going back to school is an exciting time, so we've partnered with Welch's® Fruit Snacks to make your kid's lunchbox a highlight of their day.

Back-to-school season means can't-sleep levels of excitement for kids, from seeing their friends again and meeting new faces to helping Mom pack their shiny new lunchbox. To celebrate the coming school year, we asked some POPSUGAR staffers' little ones to tell us why they're over the moon to head back to the classroom this Fall, and what makes hitting the books (and the playground) extra fun.



After a long Summer apart from their school BFFs, kids can't wait to get back to the playground to catch up. From who got taller and who cut their hair to where everyone went on vacation, the first day back is a big news day!

The Best Meal of the Day


School days can be exhausting, particularly in the information overload of the first few days after Summer. Keep kids full and fueled by including Welch's® Fruit 'n Yogurt Snacks in their lunchboxes. They're made with real fruit, surrounded by creamy yogurt, and are the perfect treat.

Hitting the (New) Books


Back-to-school is a time of endless possibilities. A whole new school year means new books, new subjects, and new milestones. No wonder they can't wait to dive in and get started.

New Faces, New Places


Everyone remembers their favorite teacher — the one who saw our potential, or helped us fall in love with a subject, or encouraged us to foster a talent. Each new school year is a chance to meet that person. And no matter what, a new teacher brings a new perspective.



School is the best opportunity kids have to try team sports, and to learn about themselves in the process. Getting back to their teammates — and feeling just a little more grown-up on the court or field — is an exciting time.

Familiar Faces


From teachers and teammates, to best buddies, school is all about kids' rapidly expanding circles of friends — and the journey they are taking together.


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