Hair Clips Are Up 930% on Pinterest — and Other 2020 Beauty Trend Predictions

This year was jam-packed with some pretty inspirational beauty trends, but as the start of a new year — and a new decade! — nears, Pinterest is helping us all take a look ahead at a few trends that are likely to end up on your mood board in 2020. The Pinterest 100, a roundup of 100 trends that are predicted to be huge next year, was released on Dec. 10, and according to the site's predictions, '90s beauty is about to make a big comeback.

According to a release, Pinterest picked the trends by looking at search traffic data from August 2017 to July 2018 and August 2018 to July 2019 before picking out the 100 topics that were searched the most and showed "consistent, upward growth." Though it featured a range of different topics falling under every category from fashion to living, it was pretty ripe with anticipated beauty trends. Take a look ahead to see a few of Pinterest's top beauty predictions for 2020.


Hair Scrunchies

Yep, scrunchies are back, but this time around, they're a luxe upgrade and being made with materials like leather and silk. According to Pinterest, searches for hair scrunchies were up by 6,309 percent over the last year.


Hair Clips

Barrettes may have stolen the show in 2019, but Pinterest predicts a retro take on hair accessories will reign supreme in 2020: "90s hair clips" were up 930 percent.


Lip Gloss and Liner

If you thought you'd already seen the last of grunge makeup, think again. Searches for "lip liner and gloss" were up 144 percent, so get ready to see this look on everyone's lips in 2020.


Constellation Piercings

This was an exciting year for piercing trends, but seeing that searches for constellation piercings increased 112 percent this year, we know which one we should expect to see a lot more of in 2020.


Space Tattoos

Space tattoos will be going to infinity and beyond in the next year: searches were up 267 percent in 2019.


Planet Makeup

Euphoria-inspired makeup was everywhere this Summer, but a 217 percent search increase shows that one of 2020's next bold beauty trends will be planet makeup.