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10 Best Air-Drying Hair Products

10 Hair Products All Fans of Air-Drying Should Try

10 Best Air-Drying Hair Products
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I have always pined for low-maintenance hair. Unfortunately, whether it's down to my waist or chopped to my chin, in the past, my hair has only ever truly looked good after a long and complicated routine of blow-drying and hot tools. I have copious amounts of hair that gets notoriously dry at the ends. When left to its own devices, it fluffs up into a halo of wavy frizz. I need serum, a strong arm, and a powerful hairdryer to get it looking even remotely "done."

However, since cutting my hair to my shoulders, I've witnessed something interesting during my salon appointments. Suddenly, stylists seem reticent to use a dryer. Three separate hairdressers have encouraged me to let my bob dry naturally. I've always been lazy and done this on occasion, but I've never been truly happy with the results. Now I know the key to success lies in a great cut and a hell of a lot more product than any of us are used to. If there's one thing I've learned in recent years, it's that there's no such thing as too much product.

After a little research (and some expert help), I found the products that truly allow hair to dry in defined waves, not unkempt frizz. Hopefully, they'll work just as well for you.

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