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Anastasia Beverly Hills New Eye Shadow Palette Leaked

Anastasia Beverly Hills's President Goes Off: "The Sensationalism of Leaking Product Is Irresponsible"

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In recent years, there has been an abundance of Redditors, YouTube feeds, and Instagram accounts gaining millions of followers by revealing sneak peeks of beauty products — without consent from the brands behind them. This kind of behavior is harmful to cosmetics companies on multiple levels. The early hype for the launch can negatively affect production, product quality, and sales and cause legal issues, not to mention negate all the hard work put into a product behind the scenes.

Recently, a friend of one of the employees of Anastasia Beverly Hills leaked the much-anticipated successor to the celebrated Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette ($42) onto Reddit. That one image went viral and was picked up by the aforementioned Instagram accounts, digital media sites, and more platforms. Rightly so, brand President Claudia Soare was upset and took to Twitter to voice her frustration.

"'Leaking' future product by obtaining product from people that work for retailers or manufacturers is not the news," she said in a series of tweets. "The sensationalism of leaking product is irresponsible." She added, "I work my ass off to create the best product I can, who are you to ruin the reveal?"

She also shared her own message for the person who leaked the image, saying that the executive team behind the palette's retailer will be "nuclear about this," possibly implying a lawsuit. "I support everyone's hustle, get your coin, but please don't f*ck with mine in the process," Soare warned.

Fans came out to support the brand, responding to the makeup maven's tweets with words of encouragement.

"So disheartened someone would go against a legally binding NDA for 15 mins of fame + forget about the implications it has on a business," responded @angelalaliberte.

"I think this whole leaking thing needs to stop," added @allannnnn. "Yeh it's fun for the fans at first (this palette looks BOMB AF btw) but then it just leads to an anticlimax cos the wait for the product is so long!"

While the palette does look incredible, it was Anastasia Beverly Hills's surprise to share and no one else's. Here's hoping that fans realize how harmful product reveals are and stop. Read on to view Soare's disappointment in full, then stay tuned for more updates as news becomes available.

Anastasia Beverly Hills New Eye Shadow Palette Leaked
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette
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