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Bath and BodyWorks Shapeable Soap

Bath and Body Works's New Soap Reminds Us of Silly String From the '90s

When I first unpacked my bag of brightly colored Bath and Body Works products, my coworker and I eagerly examined each fruity smelling, brightly colored bottle. The fun was momentarily interrupted when she accidentally doused me in its silly-string style soap. We both stood there with our mouths open for a second before I burst into laughter as she apologized profusely. From that moment, we knew that The Bath and Body Works Shapeable Soaps ($17) are nothing if not entertaining.

The soap comes in a bottle with an aerosol pump, revealing a quick and powerful spray of moldable foam. It's similar to many of the products our moms used to buy to get us to take baths as children — and we're not complaining. It makes us wonder why we ever stopped playing with soap in the shower.

Fortunately, Bath and Body Works has reinvigorated our love of good, clean fun. The Shapeable Soap comes in three delicious scents and colors inspired by summertime. The blue soap, called Cabana Breeze will make you think of suntan lotion and cotton towels. It contains notes of starfruit, banana leaves, and coconut. The pink soap is called Poolside Pop and gives a nod to fruity drinks with little umbrellas. This soap is fragranced with lime, kiwi, and cucumber. It is the sweetest of the bunch, smelling remarkably like Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume. Last up is the green soap, called Liquid Sunshine. It's inspired by sunny skies and the shade of a palm tree and is a sensory experience of bamboo, citrus, and jasmine.

All three soaps are surprisingly moldable, allowing you to stack the foam on top of itself and shape it with your hands. The product expands after a few minutes, becoming closer to a shaving-cream consistency. We suggest you pick up these soaps on your next trip to Bath and Body Works, and prepare to have a lot of fun.

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