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Beauty Tutorial Using Counterfeit Makeup

You Won't Believe the Result of This Vlogger's Counterfeit Beauty DIY

Being a beauty junkie can get quite costly very quickly, which is why we're always eager to peruse the sale shelf at Sephora. However, if you're browsing the internet and you find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Counterfeit makeup is sold around the world, and not only is it poor quality, but it can also contain cyanide, rat droppings, and human urine.

Not afraid of these disgusting ingredients, Kristine Roces, also known as YouTube beauty vlogger RealAsianBeauty, bravely headed to Divisoria, a marketplace in her hometown of Manila, Philippines, and bought some fake makeup to use for a unique DIY.

Included in her haul were a counterfeit Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, a bogus Beautyblender, and mock MAC foundation. Roces wisely slathered her face with one of her favorite (real) primers to protect her skin from the grimy formulas, then started applying.

The process was kind of shocking: formulas started visibly changing color as she went through her tutorial. We also worried for Roces's well-being. "The scent somehow made me feel dizzy," she reported of her knockoff pressed powder.

Luckily, she did not get ill, itchy, or even break out. And there is a twist to the video: she actually preferred some of the counterfeit cosmetic products to the real thing! Watch the video to see which ones they were. (Don't speak Filipino? Click on YouTube's "closed captioning" button; Roces provides English subtitles.)

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