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Best Australian Beauty Products

These Australian Beauty Buys Are Totally Worth the Shipping Cost

Below is an excerpt from "11 Australian Beauty Products You Need to Get Your Hands On," which originally appeared on MIMI. Read the full story here.

'Ello, mate!

The first day of summer (for the Northern hemisphere, at least...) is right around the corner and you know what that means—it's officially time to up the SPF and get your body bikini-ready for the sunny days upon us.

This season, we're looking overseas to source our summertime beauty inspiration. First stop? Australia, you know, the region known for endless hot weather. This island continent boasts some of the most beautiful salt water beaches in the world that will transform even the finest of hair textures into Gisele-esque waves. It's also full of plush, picturesque landscapes, which bloom natural ingredients like nourishing antioxidants and hydrating oils that your hair and skin crave. (Not to mention bombshell supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart.) Ring any bells?


That's right, the Aussies have mastered warm weather beauty in every sense. Lucky for you, Australian products are no longer hidden in the Outback or Down Under, but are instead ready to make their way into your beauty bag. Here, 11 hair, skin, and nail goods to import from Australia — no customs form required. Visit MIMI for the full story.

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