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Best Celebrity Hairstylists

10 Hairstylists Responsible For Making Your Favorite Celebrities Look Fabulous

Best Celebrity Hairstylists
Image Source: Getty / Presley Ann

Do you ever wonder how your favorite stars seem to always step out with voluminous, shiny, perfectly styled hair? The answer lies in the best celebrity stylists who primp, tease, curl, and straighten their clients' hair into tip-top shape for red carpets and public appearances. Some of these pros have worked with these stars for years on end and even started working on the siblings and friends of their high-profile clients.

Whether you're yearning to know who gave Janelle Monáe her kiss-embellished braid at the Met Gala or the person responsible for Kim Kardashian's sleek bob, we're revealing the best celebrity hairstylists in Hollywood. Read on to get a behind-the-scenes look at who makes the stars look so glam.

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